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  1. Hah, same here, I was thinking that this was Chapter 22, The Last That Could Be Done.
  2. I always figured it was about Rand's hand themselves. Looking at how little he's in the book, doesn't really help, yeah, but there's already been references with one hand to destroy and the other to build.
  3. ??? Nynaeve didn't do anything during the Cleansing besides hold being a conduit for Rand. That's why all the PoV's from Rand during the Cleansing are about him fighting with saidin and saidar, and weaving them into Shadar Logoth...
  4. I actually liked Egwene in the beginning of the books... Now look at her.
  5. Always thought of the WT as a giant cylinder with a Taj Mahal (sp) like dome on the top.
  6. Fain is in the Blight, headed to Shayol Ghul because he knows that Rand will be there. There's a direct quote saying something like that, I can't get off my lazy ass to grab my book right now, but it's something of the sort saying how there's no need to hunt your enemy when you know exactly where he will be headed. There's no need for Fain to tempt Rand into following him, or find out where he is going, or direct his attentions to him, because Fain will be exactly where Rand is going. And as for wanting to draw his attention to him, why the hell would he want that? If Rand doesn't realize
  7. With a little tweaking, Veins of Gold could be turned into a monologue.
  8. Aram has dark hair and doesn't wear cadinsor...
  9. Characters who could have died, and when, for plot/drive home evil purposes: 1. Morgase - Shoulda jumped out the window in the Fortress of Light. 2. Gawyn - Sheathe the Sword while defending Egwene 3. Gareth or Siuan - One of them when Gareth kills the Bloodknife 4. Moiraine - Lanfear 5. Egwene - Elaida ends up executing her in secret and is deposed for it, heals the Tower because they realize this can't be happening (Out of the Emond's Fielders, Egwene is the one who could die the easiest without swinging the plot too far) 6. Faile - When captured. Perrin goes crazy, goes on fanatic
  10. I've had a unusually long winter break due to my school having an optional winter semester, and during my break I decided to re-read WoT in it's entirety, or else I might go completely insane. I started the series in 4th grade, and caught up to Winter's Heart in about 7th or 8th, and have eagerly awaited the next books since then. I've tried re-reading all the books several times, but I never managed to get past Lord of Chaos, I would always run out of time or have something to do, and I knew I didn't want to shlug through books 8-10. But the last time I did that I was probably in 10th or
  11. I'm doing a re-read and at around page 300 of CoT I had to put the book down and go get Leigh Butler's summary on tor.com, used that to get rid of all the Egwene and Elayne and Perrin chapters, and then read the Mat chapters straight from the book. Was much easier that way!
  12. I wish I could find an actress that fits Aviendha, she's one character that I've never seen someone fitting. :(
  13. That's one of the best cast lists I've seen, I agree with most of 'em.
  14. Does anyone know what the Sharan is doing in Tear during Knife of Dreams? He's trying to convince a merchant that he has worms to make silk, and Rand describes him as looking like one of the Sea Folk, but with an odd musical accent and a strange coat with no lapels or collar. Anyone know what he's doing in Tear? Just kinda hangin' out... Seeing what's up this side of the Waste?
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