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  1. I always thought "the guardians balance the servants" was more political then shear numbers. For the first time in 3000 the AS have a group of people who can challenge them. In tPoD Egwene highlighted the AS belief that the only law that matters to AS is Tower Law. They should be able to do whatever they want however they want and be able to demand what ever they want. They have, as an institution, become bullies. Now the AM can tell the AS to back off and be civil.
  2. With Bryne sent to Caemlyn Uno will probally have command at FoM. When Egwene orders Uno to attack she will then learn most of the SAS army was Dragonsworn the whole time. I always thought Uno and Talmanes had a thing worked out on the march concerning the Band's "deserters."
  3. I think Lan will be saved be Elyas(?) and the wolves.
  4. Wait, what? Are you saying the HoV chest is a stasis box? Yes, it was going to be kept for the Creator knew how long under a lake of distilled saidin (remember what happened to the pepple). Stasis boxes seem downright invincible and remember Lanfear's attitude when Rand put Fain's dagger in the box.
  5. I think the upcoming power struggle between Egwene and Rand will hurt the Light.
  6. The HoV was kept in a stasis box.
  7. Rand laid a "nasty trap" on all the waygates he found by laying a weave on them that wouldn't kill shadow spawn immediately. That is what the problem with the Caemlyn gate is. The trollocs could still enter Caemlyn, burn and pillage for a while before they dropped dead. Or they could get a hold of the dragons, move them into the waygates and the "reinforcements" (trollocs who didn't pass throught the gate) could collect them and take them back to the blight.
  8. With the Wheel being neither good or evil maybe it told Gitara to send Luc to the blight so the Do could have his super assassin.
  9. I think at the FoM Meet and Greet Rand will knock the AS authority down a few pegs. And something else i can picture, although I doubt it would in the the book is some like this: Egwene, with a seating arrangement similar to when she met the noble on the frozen lake in PoD (I forget what the fan name for it was), makes her speech about why Rand must not break the seals. Then Rand starts his speech about why they're wrong. The AS are not listening as they move about the benches whispering to each other including Egwene. Rand stops, makes a loud throat clearing noise and starts again, louder. Finally he breaks out laughing. Egwene: And what, Rand al"Thor, do you find so humorous? (Thinking he finally cracked) Rand: It's a joke I heard from a Thunder Walker once. I just got it. Egwene: And what might this joke be? Rand: Why do Maidens use handtalk? Because even when they're not talking they can't stop talking! Then Mat, Lord Bashere, and the Aiel start roaring with laughter, the Maidens laughing loudest of all with Nyneave off to the side trying, and failing to keep composure. Egwene understood the punchline and glares at Rand while the other AS, because they know so little of Aiel culture, look confused.
  10. The idea of using the OP (both sides) to seal away the DO has occureed to me.
  11. The AS are planning to Take Control of the forces of Light. In ToM that was what the focus of every AS chapter not dealing with Nyn's test and the hunt for Messana was focusing on. Right now, Egwene and all other AS feel Rand is wrong for wanting to break the seals. Once he does she will be, "he is a madman who will doom us all! Join us and we will guide him right." Nyn and Mo are the only AS who believe he has a pretty good idea about what he's doing and has good reasons.
  12. @Aredeis Good points. It goes into what I'm thinking about the trust issue. Yes, Mo and Nyn are the only two AS he does trust completely. But they are also the only two AS who trust HIM completely. Egwene, and all the other AS and Saidar wielders, thinks Rand's plan to fight the DO is wrong. Even though they don't have a better one. They think they should be in control of the LB because they said so. It seems the AS put the needs of the Tower before anything else. Mo and Nyn would let all of Tar Valon burn if it meant a quick end to the LB.
  13. Few things i want to mention.... jsbrads mentioned how strange it was how it effected Mat. But keep this in mind, in the 24 hours Mat: 1. Fought trollocs in a place people did not believe in trollocs in a fortress know for not being infiltrated. 2. Learns Whitecloaks are harassing his homeland, friends' families, and maybe his own 3. Has his first meeting with the finns, ending with his being thrown out of their world. 4. Get yelled at by an AS. 5. Takes a trip to the Aiel Waste via portal stone. 6. Asked to enter a place only candidates for clan chiefs and wise ones can enter, located in a valley most Aiel will never see in their life, and is threatened by an Aiel warrior for doing that, and the WO acknowledged Coulidan had a point. 7. Hiked across a desert famous for killing people, and he wasn't allowed to bring food or water. 8. Sees his best friend start to crack up. After all that a little peace and quite would be like a sedative. Rand was so keyed up he could ignore the effects. And even Mat's friends thought he was something of a slacker. Him and Rand did not stay and zone out afterwords, and that scene took place in the tree's shade. And BenevolentCow made a good point about the Aiel being charged with taking care of the Choras and items of power. The AS didn't care about those, they cared about saving the Aiel. But the Aiel were ready to die to save others, so the AS commanded them to "protect" their cargo to give the Aiel a reason to flee and look for their promised land. WOs and Clan Chiefs saw the true goal in hindsight and saw how they had really failed the AS. If protecting the cuttings was so important the Aiel would have been all Johnny Appleseed with the cutting they could no longer carry during the breaking and in the early days after the breaking been planting whenever they found a likely place. And at the very least, each hold of the modern Aiel would be growing a Chora.
  14. I was looking into who books get formatted for Kindle. It turns out .mobi and .amz, which is the format for Kindle books, use basic HTML and CSS. That explained the weird and bad formatting I've seen in some Kindle books. I'm guessing the editors of most publishing houses, while being able to rock layout on Word of Page Maker, have little to no clue about HTML because they are publishers and not programmers (even though HTML and CSS are not programming languages). If you have even auto converted Word documents to HTML or used a WYSIWYG to make a web page, then looked at the code used, you would see the program used the HTML version of duct tape to get the document even half way presentable. So when it is converted again to .mobi or .amz the half @$$ed effort is even more muddled because those two formats don't recognize some of the tags and elements used.
  15. I think "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler as Mat's theme song.
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