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  2. Novice Requirements Novice Quiz - Complete Arrival/Meet Mentor - In Progress - Post Count [ 2 / 4 ] Waiting on Death's Doorstep http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,32132.0.html Meeting a Mentee http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,32399.0.html Freeday - URL - Post Count [ - / 4 ] One OP Related RP - In Progress - Post Count [ 0 / 4 ] Introduction to Saidar http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,32419.0.html Choice RPs: * Choice RP 1 - URL - Post Count [ - / 4 ] * Choice RP 2 - URL - Post Count [ - / 4 ] Three Arches - URL
  3. Chebar hadn’t seen the Aes Sedai that approached her. She must have been off in her own thoughts, too sick to be able to focus for long on the tedium surrounding her. The woman who had approached her had an ageless face and was beckoning her to follow. Chebar nodded and had only made it a step or two before the woman took her arm and lead her away. Underneath the haze of sickness, she faintly felt her stomach lurch at the fact that she was being lead away by an Aes Sedai. Who knew what would happen next? Finding herself in a well-lit room with cabinets and all sorts of jars, drawers, blankets and instruments, she laid down on the table in the center of the room as she was instructed. She took one last wary look out of the corner of her eye to make sure there were no surprises before resting her head completely. Okay, so what next? but before she had time to even complete the thought, the Aes Sedai put her hands against her temples. She had no idea what exactly was going on but sat through it quietly anyway. It would be terribly unwise to offend an Aes Sedai, and to cause insult now would be unbearable after receiving their help. "What is your name, child? And what kind of symptoms have you been experiencing?" “My name is Chebar Tielvo, Aes Sedai. It started out as nothing serious. Headaches and belly aches, I thought I ate something wrong or didn’t get enough sleep. And then weakness, chills and a fever. But the fever didn’t break and vomiting began. It’s been about two weeks now.” She fell silent and waited for the prognosis. She had heard in whispers that these women could perform miracles, as if they were the Creator themselves. Suppressing a chill, she hoped those little whispers were right.
  4. It was a hot day in Tar Valon, hotter than usual despite being on the River Erinin with its cool breezes. But Chebar didn't notice. Her body was wracked with fever, and the heat she felt had nothing to do with the heat the sun was providing. She was burning up and yet her body was shaking with chills. She had prolonged the moment of this visit for far too long and if she died, it would be by her own folly, she thought bitterly. Clutching her bare arms against herself, she waited inside the main entrance where she had been told by a girl only a few years older than herself that she would be seen by an Aes Sedai as soon as she was available. Under normal circumstances, Chebar wouldn't have come within one hundred feet of this formidable Tower but the fever had become serious and her fear for her life outweighed her fear of the witches. But she had no time to even look around and take in her surroundings. It took all her strength and concentration to remain standing and not to shake violently. Her normal coppery-olive complexion was pale and haggard looking, which made everyone else seeking audience with the Aes Sedai stand far far away from her, else they catch her fever also. Hopefully it would be quick and simple. Painless even, preferably, but you never knew with people who held the balance of life and death in their hands daily. What was the price? She had brought all of her finances she still had available tied to her belt but they were meager. Well I won't beg for help, that's for sure, she thought miserably. She waited on the delicately mosaiced tile floor for any sign of someone coming her way.
  5. BIOGRAPHY Character Name: Synnove Email address: tessandra[at]gmail.com Aspiring Society: Far Dareis Mai Weapons of Choice: Spear Clan: Dragonmount Place of Birth/Raising: Three-Fold Land Physical Description: Synnove looks like a rather typical Aiel. She has short-cropped blonde hair streaked with white-blonde in the style of the Far Dareis Mai. She stands tall at 6’3” but this is only natural for Aiel. Her body is toned and lean from the rigors of the Three-Fold Land and her face, neck and hands are tanned by the harsh sun. Her eyes are a lovely shade of sea green and framed by long blonde eyelashes. Synnove’s laughter is truly rich and a smile from her is like a gem. Personality: She appears to be on the reserved side and her personality is somewhat concealed from the general public. She likes her privacy and does not wish to wear her heart on her sleeve. However, she is actually very fierce, wild and loyal underneath her distant exterior. Only those truly close to her see her inner core. Contrary to her appearance as reserved, when she is pushed she can lash out unexpectedly with a wicked sharp tongue. Most people do not know that she is a free spirit and will take personal risks for the joy of being free. Character History: One child out of five, Synnove was the oldest daughter and the second oldest child raised by Nalani, Roofmistress of the Dragonmount Hold. Being a roofmistress, Nalani found it important that she drilled all her children on the protocol of the Aiel ways more so than usual because her role in society demanded that she pass on her knowledge. Hence, from an early age Synnove felt the confines of traditions and laws that tempered her wild spirit. Besides this, however, Synnove was like any other child. She played childhood games that only existed in the Waste; games to improve balance, speed, accuracy, all the five senses and their bodies as well. These games were fun but also educational. What you learned as a child could save your life or someone else’s life in battle one day. Thus, it was at a young age, Synnove was found beyond proficient in the spear and coincidentally, it was during this stage in her life that her older second-sister joined the Far Dareis Mai society. Having admired her second-sister very much during her childhood, joining the Maidens became Synnove’s dream and she worked hard to reach it. As she grew older, she trained harder and harder and while her body became toned muscle, her personality grew more reclusive and precise. With the wildness of her childhood on a leash, Synnove was a weapon. Feeling a turning point in her life at the end of her teen years, Synnove went on a solitary mission into the Waste and spent many days and many nights out there cleansing herself of things she no longer wanted in her life and getting in touch with her self-awareness. This mission would confirm to herself that she was ready to become a Maiden. In this journey, she would eradicate any self-doubt or weakness she possessed and if she survived this undetermined amount of time in the desert, she knew she would be ready to enter the Far Dareis Mai society. Running through the Waste and pushing herself physically and mentally until she collapsed into whatever make-shift shelter she could find made up most of her days and her nights that were not spent in a deep slumber she spent reflecting. When she went back to her hold, she was worn but she felt an elated satisfaction. She had run the risk of killing herself but survived and she had been as free as she had ever been. The same day she went to the Far Dareis Mai society and petitioned for acceptance. Since then she has never looked back. ------------------------------------------------------ TRAINING 6-8: Spear and Dagger Training 8-10 Unarmed Combat and Bow Training 10-14 Fighting in small groups 14-18 Raid/War Fighting 16-18 Leadership Training 18-20 Advanced Leadership OTHER Society Raising Rhuidean (Chief & Wise Ones) Any you'd like to comment CURRENT WS/OP SKILL
  6. "How does the hunt, Miss Tess? When are you going to lay down the spear and lay a wreath for me? It's been due too long, I say!" Tess stuck out her tongue at Essy and grinned. "I will never lay down the spear for you Essy! But maybe Barm might be willing to lay the wreath at your feet." How could he possibly suggest such an absurdity? She lay down the spear for him? He'd have to be nigh god-like for that to happen. Looking towards the entrance, Tess noticed that Leelou had arrived at the sweat tent finally. "I see you Tess, Barm and Essy. Sorry it took so long for me to get here, but this gai'shain was blocking the entrance." "I see you Leelou! That gai'shain does seem a bit uppity eh? Maybe instead of keeping him a year and a day, we'll just hope he trips on a spear somewhere and breaks his neck. How have you been anyway?" Winking at Empy, she wondered if the gai'shain wasn't a bit... "special".
  7. Tess hadn’t been in the sweat tent for long. She found a corner that was a little less crowded than the rest of the tent and got herself settled. The sweat tent was busy for this time of day and she saw only a few friends out of the many people she did not recognize. Taking her staera and beginning to scrape away the days hard work and grime, she looked up from her work and happened to catch the eye of a strapping young Aielman across the way. "What tree did you shade under? The beautiful tree!?" Smirking and rolling her eyes she poked her friend sitting next to her and pointed out the Aiel that was making a fool of himself in the sweat tent. Recalling vaguely that his name she responded ruefully, “I see you Essy.”
  8. Welcome to Dragonmount! Feel free to check out the Orgs and hang around with the Aiel :D [That's a personal invite from the Org Co-Leader herself ;)]
  9. Actually I think you should visit the Aiel! *showers teh newb in oosquai* :D
  10. Welcome Maud! Come stop by the Aiel! We've recently just restructured our Org and are looking for some new members ;)
  11. Hey.... *squinty eyes* I think I remember you... *scratches head* How long is a long time ago..? Are we talking 2002-2003 ezboard era of DM...? Or am I remembering someone completely different? :?
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