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  1. I lurve youuuu <3 :-*

  2. Congrats Adanza! :D *hugs* I'm glad sporks made your novicehood more enjoyable ;D hehe
  3. AHHH! *glomps you both* :D Two women I hold in such high esteem doing this fabulous thing together! I am soooo happy for the both of you and wish you many more years of friendship and love<3 :-*
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  5. Chebar hadn’t seen the Aes Sedai that approached her. She must have been off in her own thoughts, too sick to be able to focus for long on the tedium surrounding her. The woman who had approached her had an ageless face and was beckoning her to follow. Chebar nodded and had only made it a step or two before the woman took her arm and lead her away. Underneath the haze of sickness, she faintly felt her stomach lurch at the fact that she was being lead away by an Aes Sedai. Who knew what would happen next? Finding herself in a well-lit room with cabinets and all sorts of jars, drawers, blankets and instruments, she laid down on the table in the center of the room as she was instructed. She took one last wary look out of the corner of her eye to make sure there were no surprises before resting her head completely. Okay, so what next? but before she had time to even complete the thought, the Aes Sedai put her hands against her temples. She had no idea what exactly was going on but sat through it quietly anyway. It would be terribly unwise to offend an Aes Sedai, and to cause insult now would be unbearable after receiving their help. "What is your name, child? And what kind of symptoms have you been experiencing?" “My name is Chebar Tielvo, Aes Sedai. It started out as nothing serious. Headaches and belly aches, I thought I ate something wrong or didn’t get enough sleep. And then weakness, chills and a fever. But the fever didn’t break and vomiting began. It’s been about two weeks now.” She fell silent and waited for the prognosis. She had heard in whispers that these women could perform miracles, as if they were the Creator themselves. Suppressing a chill, she hoped those little whispers were right.
  6. It was a hot day in Tar Valon, hotter than usual despite being on the River Erinin with its cool breezes. But Chebar didn't notice. Her body was wracked with fever, and the heat she felt had nothing to do with the heat the sun was providing. She was burning up and yet her body was shaking with chills. She had prolonged the moment of this visit for far too long and if she died, it would be by her own folly, she thought bitterly. Clutching her bare arms against herself, she waited inside the main entrance where she had been told by a girl only a few years older than herself that she would be seen by an Aes Sedai as soon as she was available. Under normal circumstances, Chebar wouldn't have come within one hundred feet of this formidable Tower but the fever had become serious and her fear for her life outweighed her fear of the witches. But she had no time to even look around and take in her surroundings. It took all her strength and concentration to remain standing and not to shake violently. Her normal coppery-olive complexion was pale and haggard looking, which made everyone else seeking audience with the Aes Sedai stand far far away from her, else they catch her fever also. Hopefully it would be quick and simple. Painless even, preferably, but you never knew with people who held the balance of life and death in their hands daily. What was the price? She had brought all of her finances she still had available tied to her belt but they were meager. Well I won't beg for help, that's for sure, she thought miserably. She waited on the delicately mosaiced tile floor for any sign of someone coming her way.
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