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  1. The anniversary for my Dark Haired Aes Sedai bonding me to her service is March 2, 2007 not March 8th :>
  2. I know this is a little bit late but I want to congratulate you both, as you richly deserve each other and are the class of the org.
  3. I wish to apologize for my absence. January 5th i started physical therapy and am now up to 3 days a week 2 hours each session. It wears me out a lot but I am feeling better and lost 5 inches off my waist. During this I had issues with interent and posted a previous loa about it but right after we got everything working my hard drives crashed. I finally got a hard drive out and put in an old pc until i get my good pc back up but it is slower then moses and takes forever to load a webpage. I will responsibly take all hugs and kisses from the Amyrlin and Keeper over this and will submit to the Green sisters for extensive lovies led by my wonderful Dark haired Aes Sedai...I know it is a penance but I will gladly serve it.. When they are all done I will allow Nyn to smother me with yellow lovies.
  4. Well we finally got a working internet connection here. Squirrels had chewed through the lin from the pole to the house and mositure was shorting it out. I will be around daily now and getting back into trouble as soon as I catch up.
  5. Essaul paid attention to the lecture without being distracted by Sharina's mention of Herbs. Shuddering he remembered that class and how it made him stand out for his mistakes. Vowing to not stand out this time he made notes on the topic studiously. Peace - This is a pattern of calmness and relaxation. This also means a lack of attention sometimes on what can be udnerlying this Peace. Vile acts could still occur during this time unnoticed. Faith - Foundation for life's beliefs and principles. To Essaul this meant believing in good and evil with good being the main force in combatting evil. Aid - To help someone. Joining the children allows me to fight Evil and promote good. Duty - Solemn performance of tasks. Good must prevail or evil will intrude and wreck society. Honor - Justifiance of duty. Honor is earned through actions and respect. Steadfast resolve in fighting evil will raise your respect and alas your honor increases. Obedience - Responding to orders and philosphy without fail. Good requires a solmen obedience to restore order and keep evil from winning the battle.
  6. I am suffering some cable issues and Cox and I have yet to solve the problem..they say it is my equipment and i am like no it is the line so until they fix the line I am real intermittent on checking in. Please contact the Liitha, Barmacral and Horn if you have disc questions.
  7. Leading Edalia out to the dance floor Essaul tried to hide his nervousness. Guiding her around in the stately steps to the music they seemed to him to be in slow motion. He did not hear the noise of the others in the room as he focused on not stepping on her foot. As the music ended he walked her back to her chair and thanked her for the dance. He mentioned some of the classes they had shared and was glad she did not remind him of his mistakes in the Herb class. He smiled as they chatted and felt comfortable and hoped this would be a friendship in the making. Noticing her drink was low he went to the serving girl and ordered another drink and some sweet pastries for Edalia. Thanking her again for the dance he excused himself and wanderd around the hall seeing if he recognized anyone else.
  8. shame on the massage there Barm, bid was for hitting on..no physical stuff, but at least you got a nice set of 2-pack abs.../smirk
  9. So Nyn won me in a bid and I have put this off but i was surfing Youtube and one of the searches returned for Midnight Special was an ABBA video so I watched it and it inspired me to make this post for her bid. It made me realize Jenny's husband has a hot chest, Barmacral IS Sexy to guys, Kynwric looks good in a hardhat and toolbelt (seen him at the YMCA), Vanion really does have soft feminine skin, Horn does fit in his uniform good (give me some orders big boy), Vemy is as fast as a rabbit when he has sex, and Damon is MY gangsta. Ok I hope that is enoguh because now i need a "ACE VENTURA" shower and some serious lovin from the Hall and my bonded to rid me of this feeling...
  10. Essauls spoke the oath out loud in a solid vibrant voice, "By the Light and my hope of salvation and rebirth, I swear fealty to The Children of The Light. I vow to serve, respect and grant obedience to the high command. In the name of the Creator, I swear it." Filling with pride as he spoke each word he could feel his confidence growing and took solace in surviving Evelyn's lengthy tests. Looking around he wondered if the others felt the same as they spoke the Oath out loud.
  11. ack! Well in 1979 my wife had a cyst and it caused her to have an ovary removed and the doctor said be glad we had some children she would never get pregnant again.. she had 2 more kids.. You are in our prayers and thoughts.
  12. Looking up the cliff, Essaul shrugged his pack straps snug and nodded to the CoTL with his rope that he was ready. Starting out he kept reminding himself to pace himself and not let the excitement out. Not even 15 feet off the ground he could feel the sweat starting and new this was going to be a tough physical task. Keeping a steady pace he slowly worked his the rock. His knee started to ache from the rock that Evelyn had nailed him with the other day. Quickly pushing the ache out of his mind he kept working his way up and hoping the rocks and gravle he dislodged did not hurt anyone below. Pausing to catch his breath he looked around and realized he was not making as good a ground as he had hoped but started back on the steady pace he had set earlier. Just knowing this had to be the final task was exhilarating to him as soon he would be able to take more advanced classes. Wiping sweat out of his eyes he could feel his arms aching and his fingers were sore from the rough edges of the rock. Steadily he worked his way to the top. Pausing to look around he took a minute to rest and drink some water from his goatskin. With a deep sigh he indicated to the CoTL he was ready to start back down. Realizing this was going to be even tougher then the climb up as he would have to continually look down and this would make for more sweat in his eyes. Slowly reaching the bottom he slumped with his back against the rock face and quickly realized that Evelyn would probably reprimand him so standing up straight he untied his rope and worked his way off to the side. Waiting on the others to complete their task he tried to stay focused and not give in to the aches in his arms and legs.
  13. walks over and hands some curry to his sister and wanders over to take a seat off to the side..
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