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The Band in your Plate

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I went to Brussels today and I saw posters about this initiative called :

The 27 countries on your plate

Here is a small description :

Organised by the municipality of Ixelles on European Parliament square, “The 27 countries on your plate” provides a gourmet display case of the specialty dishes of the 27 member states. The aim is to help people discover the local and regional traditions of each country.
A European culinary walk that will enable you to appreciate the tastes and traditions of the 27 member countries. Cuisine and traditional recipes are without doubt more than just an important part of our culture. As well as tantalising our taste buds and delighting our palates, they also reveal part of our heritage, history and identity. To be tried: The secrets of Cypriot koupepia, Hungarian goulash, Maltese rabbit in chocolate, Italian osso buco or even Belgian chicory gratin, etc. “Unity in diversity” is still the motto in Europe.

So what about your countries and their specialty dishes? 
If we had to have the Band in our plates, what should we get ?

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they look like a kind of raviole, is that a pasta dish? or is that a batter cover? can't really tell from the picture. Looks goooooood!

They're dumplings filled with potato. Some places will put sauerkraut or cheese in them too.

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OMG this looks awesome *drools all over the thread*


I'd love to try those dumplings :biggrin:


Gonna add this Belgian dish called "Vol au Vent" it's some kind of chicken ragout that one should eat with chips !



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Killa, ever eat at a Rudy's BBQ? They used to only be around San Antonio, but I think they expanded a lot since I lived there. Best food in Texas, if you ask me.

Not that I remember specifically.


The best BBQ was actually from my grandfather. Lol Bias. But he did win multiple times as best BBQ in the houston livestock show and rodeo. (Big texas fair)


Also some of the best places to get BBQ are little hole in wall looking places you see randomly driving past in the middle of nowhere.

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Vegemite is disgusting :tongue:

I totally agree.


Or at least, I did, until inexplicable pregnancy cravings 2 years ago turned me into a better Australian :o


It's strong and salty, sure, but spread super thin and with butter (or tomato/cheese/avo) it's ok-good depending on my mood!


Larger doses are mostly just used to torture/scare non-Aussies...




*innocent face*

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ugh never seen that movie, don't wanna'. *shudders*


NOT really the greatest thing to show in a thread that supposed to inhance the appetite! *shakes head at silly Banders but is not surprised* LOL

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