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  1. I say three because purple is my fav color and I don't want to share.
  2. Here and yes Jcon. So excited! Got my plane ticket and planning my black ajah costume.
  3. This year the feast of fools... is? So give us an I!
  4. Aw this is adorable. I will send in a vote.
  5. My son doesn't like french fries much. He does like baked potatoes and potatoes in stew though. 1. I love fried fish. 2. I love orange juice. 3. I love diet soda.
  6. So coolly they are comported. It is said they can not lie.
  7. 1. I work in a Nursing Home 2. I have a hoop skirt 3. I watch a lot of tv
  8. Here. Coffee flavors or pistachio almond. The winter just got worse for a little bit where I am. I need to gear up on evil in preparation for JordanCon.
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