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  1. *keeps dragging Oscar out the room* I mean it cant hurt... But hush fool, dont draw their attention now. We need to strategize this thing.
  2. *takes the training spork and rushes off to nab Cross and James or Oscar*
  3. *snuggles into the fluffy towel while drying her hair* No biggie. Its not the first time I have been tossed in a lake on DM. Probably not the last. *grins*
  4. *downs her drink as she feels the air flows lift her.* hate to waste... *crawls back out looking like..* I think I am in need of some prettying now. Lol
  5. The highest will need some adornments to go with those fabulous gowns.
  6. I believe you Taymist about Mystica loving brats. Kyn is starting to look very pretty indeed.
  7. Hi welcome! I think Mystica pretty much covered every thing. What brings you to the site? Have you read all the books?
  8. Thank you Mystica that was perfect. I <3 the Reds. I am looking forward to seeing or participating in a prettying.
  9. Haha! Oh yes please tell me the story behind this prettying theme. I want to hear it.
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