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  1. Thanks everyone. <3 Love all of those James! Very handy. Lol
  2. *keeps dragging Oscar out the room* I mean it cant hurt... But hush fool, dont draw their attention now. We need to strategize this thing.
  3. *takes the training spork and rushes off to nab Cross and James or Oscar*
  4. *snuggles into the fluffy towel while drying her hair* No biggie. Its not the first time I have been tossed in a lake on DM. Probably not the last. *grins*
  5. *downs her drink as she feels the air flows lift her.* hate to waste... *crawls back out looking like..* I think I am in need of some prettying now. Lol
  6. The highest will need some adornments to go with those fabulous gowns.
  7. I believe you Taymist about Mystica loving brats. Kyn is starting to look very pretty indeed.
  8. It gets worse the more times you say it... Rofl. Sick burn from his own Aes Sedai.
  9. Hi welcome! I think Mystica pretty much covered every thing. What brings you to the site? Have you read all the books?
  10. Best post in the thread (other than the actual bond part) hands down.
  11. Thank you Mystica that was perfect. I <3 the Reds. I am looking forward to seeing or participating in a prettying.
  12. Haha! Oh yes please tell me the story behind this prettying theme. I want to hear it.
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