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Week of the Greats - The Silver Screen [White & Blue Ajahs] Guess the Stars of Animation


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Name that Voice!!!




In this game you will need to match the voice to the Animated character!


Earn points by guessing correctly!

Play solo or as a team.

One guess per round! (this is different!)







blank - 3 WINNER!

wheeloftime13 - 2

Ryrin - 1

Mills - 1

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How can you all know these without doing Google-fu?!  Maybe IMDB?


All I know is that Julia Roberts is doing the voice for a female Smurf in some upcoming Smurf movie . . . LOL!


And the guy that did Hiccup's voice in How to Train Your Dragon is the same guy that played on Sorcerer's Apprentice with Nicholas Cage. Jay something or other. Weird last name.

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Pat Carroll


Haha!!! Yes you are right! I used to watch her on reruns of Make Room for Daddy!


Apparently I'm not making these hard enough!

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Aw yeeees, Scottish movie for the win!


Emma Thompson. 


Also, I love her. 




I love that movie and Emma Thompson is awesome!

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Blood and bloody ashes all I know is Bill Hader does the voice for the main character. I saw an interview of his where he talks about it and his role in Inside out.


I wanna say its someone pretty famous... But nope I am blank. Though I need to find that movie for my 2 yr old. He will love it.

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