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  2. YES! Oh my word, I loved those. Even the TV adaptations were great. Richard Chamberlain was epic in Shogun. I also enjoyed Whirlwind, which was set in Iran. Very emotional book.
  3. The summer sun is fading as the year grows old And darker days are drawing near Holding post, need to log in and out.
  4. Also, @Taymist, I wonder if the Amyrlin herself would be putting together a party for this... would you be interested in RPing her for the purpose of gathering sisters and telling them their task?
  5. Brussels is beautiful! I visited there once, many years ago on a trip as a Girl Guide. We had a wonderful time. Well. apart from the Zeebrugge disaster, we passed the ferry on our way over to Bruges which was rather traumatic. But our actual stay was great. My second visit was to Ghent for our Dragonmount Euromeet and it just confirmed for me what a wonderful place Belgium is and how lovely its people are. A lot of our forums have been archived and some threads are undergoing an overhaul which included the information in that board. It was very outdated. It'll be back once the Admin team are finished sprucing it up. Most of our Social Groups are now under the "Clubs" tab at the top of the index page ^^^^^. Take a look around and see if you fancy joining any. If you get stuck, just shout on this board, someone will be around to help.
  6. You sound like you belong in the WoT Role Play Club . Welcome to DM! I'm a huge wolf fan too. The Wolfkin was the first ever group I joined here. Sadly it doesn't currently exist as a Club but I also RP as a Wolfkin. Was it RP or fanfic you wrote?
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  8. one thing i've been finding that helps is immersion. which is what they recommend. so i've been listening to danish music on spotify and watching the great knit off (danish tv) its really helped. i find myself thinking the danish words for things throughout the day and listening to it helps with comprehension and accent
  9. i know. i think we're in one of those talking past eachother while in total agreement type things
  10. I mean, I'm just suggesting new raising projects, not scrapping the traditions and such that often comes with raising.
  11. (Sits in the corner sipping tea sweetened with honey. Enjoys listening to the conversations.)
  12. Sorry about the bad customer service "service". I am a customer service rep for an insurance company. I know I do my best to help each caller I get. Hope the road trip is a better experience.
  13. i agree dj streamline definitely, and totally agree with cindy on the whole homework aspect of the process especially given how flux leadership in some ajahs have been recently. at most knowing the leadership structure within the tower should totally be a read and agree type thing. i think we're all on the same page as to making it fun and engaging and not in any way a burden that would dissuade people interacting and joining. there does need to be a balance though. books or tv, achieving a rank should feel special. not something you can just willy nilly claim.
  14. *blushes* thank you! The class can totally be streamlined- especially since a lot of the hunting stuff is no longer in the public eye.
  15. I agree the process should be at the discretion of the individual. Some may choose to linger at a certain level while others rush through. I think the "class" could be streamlined to be less "deep". It should be fun and engaging, less a chore. Maybe part of it could be like a scavenger hunt. Just feel like there should be some form of "introduction" a bit more than just read this and sign you understand. A group class could be a good idea, at least as long as there are a few to participate at once. A teacher and a mentor were very beneficial to me. Helps to have folks to ask and help the newcomer gain confidence. Definitely want to see us grow our numbers. Don't want to frighten folks off, that's for sure. Just want advancement to be a meaningful experience. For those who just "kniw" where they're going to wind up, it may be a quick experience, and for those who want to explore a bit more, might take longer. Maybe have a role that's a member prior to choosing to start their "training". Then when theur ready, the can start the "streamlined" process. Just want to see becoming a Warder or Ads Sedai be a bit more than announcing that they're joining a particular group just because they want to without any chance to experience The Tower or examine themselves within it. Just hope that makes sense. I'm willing to help in any way I can.
  16. The only wot cast I couldn't stand was that one with the drunk guys.
  17. You need that bell to ring like James Stewart. hot dog.
  18. I spent the day in chats with the worst customer service people ever. Tomorrow there will will be a short road trip. High hopes.
  19. @Arie I like where you're going you say things nicely. only thing I don't like is pranks but I assume that's not a req. definitely like the self guided aspects and the ability to speed up the process. Vote Arie
  20. The class was the last we saw of almost every new member for the last two to four years. if the place is complicated enough to need that level of depth just to be able to be part of the group, it's not going to work. if there's anything that can't be covered in the intro R&u posts, it should maybe be added there. when I joined the class was mainly about getting comfortable with other new members and a little intro to some older members. Then it suddenly became a part time job a few years ago and it stopped working. By stopped working i mean it stopped engaging people with the group and started driving people away. And making such a mess over having to present yourself with intro posts in every group.... there's like ten groups... in every group... and god forbid you copy paste your intro or fail to interact with these people you don't know or go back and have in depth convos in ten threads... people will be mad at you forever. Most people just want to hang out at their leisure and they should be able to do that. If you want to keep a healthy active group anyway. some people may want to do extensive dissertations and fields of study and fine, have that available. but I beg y'all not to keep putting up barriers to regular people who don't have endless hours and interest in turning what is perhaps a simple interest into a job. And keep in mind that what flew for book nerds may not fly for tv fans. Cause face it, we tapped the book nerd market and if there's any new life coming it will be tv fans. if I'd joined after the reqs and all got so intense I'd probably have left. As it is now, the field trip threads and the social obligations (which I can't meet and feel guilty about) of dealing with new people who are forced to post in every Ajah despite a sometimes very clear lack of interest, knowing full well ill never see most of them after their field trip post, makes me not want to even look at DM much of the time. does it have to be like this? Like the classic book white tower that insisted on not changing even though the world changed completely? Cause people are just gonna go to Facebook or something. The one or two a year who are of a temperament to stay are not going to keep the place afloat. I propose: put most of the material from the classes in a main join up intro post for people to absorb as they will. R&U and move on. do away with the class or else hold it with small groups of new members as small groups appear and have it be more about socializing and feeling comfortable than doing homework. Homework is a dealbreaker for most people playing on the Internet. Why list all the Ajah heads when most of them will be gone by the time the class is done for example. Why list any of the things that can be looked up as needed, let people choose AS or Warder path when they're ready. With few exceptions, people know coming in what they're going to choose and very little will change that unless they're very young and don't know themselves. make reqs for next two level ups simpler and able to be accomplished with or without active Ajah members within a maximum of one year and I would say much less, because this is for fun, and endless slogs aren't fun for most. run a thread or discussion suitable to each group maybe? Lasting a week at most? Next step if we must have two steps... idk, people are different, Ajahs are different. We don't have events and I don't anticipate enough people to have events for a long time so... some one on one time in three or four ajahs? A longer discussion or thread in three or four ajahs? There's little point in forcing continued interactions with every Ajah and disc if you have no interest in several because there are usually pretty solid and permanent reasons you narrow your interest down. And letting folks interact more naturally and at their own volition in other ajahs without having to deal with a coercion factor would make it a more welcoming place. for the final jump let that be up to the ajahs and discs if they have anyone around I guess. im thinking in terms of getting new people interested and invested without feeling overwhelmed or turning their personal choice of relaxing happy fun time into a time and life suck that they quickly regret. im sorry I m brusque, I don't know how to make things sound nicer. I honestly want DM and the WT to succeed and to grow and I've been watching them wither away for so long, I just really want to see it turned around and get off the path it's been on 😕.
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  22. Woohoo! Thanks for the game! It was a great team effort, cause... I didn't know most of that stuff.
  23. Eh, yeah, I guess WoT Spoilers are more often about an hour, although they have 1-1/2 to 2 hours every now and then. NotACast is usually closer to 1-1/2 hours and can get to 2 hours or more occasionally. But the analysis and theory discussions are pretty deep and interesting (at least from a hardcore fan perspective).
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