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  2. That was a fun game. I like to think that collectively we're just that awesome.
  3. Since I've only listened to the books, never read them, I've going to have to adjust to hearing someone other than Michael Kramer and Kate Reading as characters.
  4. Oh my word - this is just absolutely awesome, HC!
  5. but you should, since his physical characteristics play such a HUGE role in the story it's like casting Brad Pitt to play the Hunchback of Notre Dame. of course you should care
  6. Remember, on Earth, those genes arose as a Mutation. In Randland, those genes are already present in the population. But, in order for those genes to dominate the gene pool, they have to become dominate. They have to have some social or survival reason for those genes to dominate. The closest example we have of this, is working away from the ability to Channel, in that the Aes Sedia were basically self-sterilizing the population by not breeding, thereby limiting the prevalence of the One Power in the rest of the population. We don't know how effective or in-effective Nyneave's and other Wisdoms herbal medicine is. But that's still leaps and bounds better than Earth had 8000 years ago. :Wink: And, we don't really know what the mortality rate in the 2 Rivers is. AFAIK, everyone is quite healthy except when plagues run through.. But they don't exactly have Vaccines either. Sources of Vitamin D: Sauce Agriculturally rich areas like that, got more than enough from Diet. Milks, Cheeses, Eggs have a year round supply. You can keep various vegetables in root cellars. Technology all available to the Two Rivers... That wasn't available 8000 years ago. And as I've stated before, RJ mixed and matched cultures and Heritages. That was his thing. Just because he said they are culturally welsh, doesn't mean their heritage can't be East-Asian. The Aiel, being Irish was, for whatever reason, his inside joke.
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  8. Sorry to hear life's getting in the way for you, Kaylee. Sucks when that happens. The people who volunteer are the life blood of DM, so I'm sure the Yellows will miss you loads. And yeayyyyy Souvra Head again *snugglebites the Nyn* Good job on snaffling her back into position, Mumsy
  9. Well as you say it may well be earth or an alternative earth and four thousand years is ample time to achieve the changes required if there are already the genes present in the population (which would already be there in a mixed race population which is what many are proposing). I am not sure what technology/magic is supposed to prevent natural selection. Medical care in the village for the past two thousand years has consisted of one woman who beats people with a stick when they annoy her. Sometimes that woman has been an untrained one source wielder (though almost certainly not as effective in healing as Nynaeve) other times she will have had no power whatsoever and is reliant on local herbs. Mortality is clearly quite high as we have had two characters who have lost three parents in early middle age(Rand and Nynaeve). I'm not sure you are realising how valuable vitamin D is in a world without antibiotics and vaccinations. Until recently even diseases like Tonsillitis could kill children. The other mutation in Europe favoured by natural selection was dairy tolerance. As cows milk is another good source of vitamin D. Again this spread to become dominant because natural selection was so strong. To sum it all up whatever race ended up in the Two Rivers after the breaking four thousand years is plenty to make them all appear like current day Welsh.
  10. I just got home from a massage therapy appointment. No chatty receptionist this time, but I can feel my RIGHT HIP'S MOVING! I didn't think that was POSSIBLE! My right arm's down, my right hand's open, my shoulders are straight--that all started happening by May, if thing's weren't finished yet. But the hiked hip might be coming down!!!! Vicky says if we succeed in this and my leg comes down fully again, I might have a bit of trouble walking for a few days after, but I'm fine with a couple of days in bed if this works. (For those who don't know: Head injury, age 3, lost the function of right arm and my right knee was too weak for me to walk normally, so hip took over, giving me a limp. Almost everything came back, but a lot of it came back too late for it to take full control again, and so permanently hiked hip and my right arm shriveled up. Started seeing massage therapist in March for tendonitis, she looked everywhere else too, and SOOO MUCH has come back!!!) YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks! And I wouldn't say I'm a wooer, but I'm fine with talking. (I'm also a bit jubilant right now, if you check out the "Today I" thread where I'm writing madly.)
  12. Yup it shouldn't be directing you anywhere if you got credits left
  13. At the top where you would choose which Ajah to view, you can choose Overview and it shows the latest posts as far as I can tell. I use mobile.
  14. That's far more plausible than my far-fetched "an Aiel dreamwalker interpreted it from a dream" theory. 😉 Thanks!
  15. Aslan sighed it was better then he hoped for, he turned around knowing his tiredness must surely show in his eyes. "Time is a luxury you learn to live without in my kind of life, time is something that so often feels like it died with my old life Jagen" They came from such different life experiences, how would they learn to handle this together he wondered, the creator know how old she really was. He tried to think back to his youth, they weren't really that far away likewise, but it felt like another lifetime. The time in the black tower felt like decades, he had to grow up fast and leave his youth behind training for the battle ahead. He realised he couldn't fully remember anymore the sounds of his family's voices, he hardly ever thought about them at all, they didnt belong in this life. He wondered how things would have been if they had the same experience coming into learning about the one power, and it made him realize just how little he really knew about her background and experiences that shaped her into the woman infront of him. "We really do come from two very different worlds don't we" he realized too late he spoke it out loud, and she would have no clue what he just thought about, what was it he said last, his brow wrinkled as he tried to recall to figure out just how incoherent he might have come of.
  16. I also appreciate having to earn a title or rank. I don't want to see people show up on their first day and announce themselves as "First Captain General Lord of the Purple Undead Army," or whatever. (Although, come to think of it, that would be an awesome rank.) That said, I earned my initial ranks (Apspie, Algai, etc.) when it was easy to do so. We had a lot of activities going on where I could earn points, so my training and rise was swift and didn't feel over-burdensome. Then came the outages in 2018, and suddenly a lot of people were AWOL, and it became impossible to achieve higher rank. That was frustrating, and could easily be the cause for people to drop out from lack of interest. So maybe a balance? Perhaps continue the introductions and fact-finding missions, but not quite so many points needed to qualify before advancement? And on a different note, is anyone else bothered by the fact that it's impossible to see if a club has new unread posts without clicking down into each one? The top of this page has eleven links to sub-clubs (is that the right term?) plus Members link and a blog, and I have no idea if any of them have anything new.
  17. haycraftd, wooer of women. Congratulations on your progress so far, and good luck. You're so close.
  18. I understand how people arrive at some of the animosity they have relating to the Actor choices , specifically ethnicity. Word choices can, on the surface, imply ethnicity hits people formulating their own mental image of a person as well as their ethnic background without realizing they're doing it. When I think Of Lan and his people I think of Mongolians. Specifically because of the honor system, tribal system, and description of the characters in the books. I think of one of the cities where everyone wore knives and the women were overly sexually aggressive as being romany You have to understand he drew on mental imagery based on what he knew about life that's what every writer does you can only fantasize to a Point before your modern experiences insert themselves into your writing. All of that said, for people to be upset over other people being upset because they perceived character a as being Caucasian character be being Caucasian character C being Caucasian so on and so forth to where it's a white world. It's not because it was written in any other manner and someone assumes ethnicity based on their racial preference, it's because that's what a person's personal experiences,when reading, apply and formulate a mental image of a character At no point was someone described as being black but if a person associates a specific type of action to a specific ethnic group then that person could perceive group a or person a to be black whereas another person would perceive them to be white, Asian, Hindu I suppose my point is both sides of the coin have merit and when the 2 groups start bickering and arguing without using any common sense or thought then you spiral into this trash cess pit of the societie we have right now that exist on the Internet. I saw perron when I read as a large barrel chested man with Brown hair, basically a country boy from Southern Georgia or Southern Alabama. I perceived rand as being basically Irish with dirry blonde hair with red mixed in, again caucasian. That does not mean I'm gonna have a cow if rand is a 4' tall Actor from Barcelona or Asia. What this does mean that instead of bickering over ethnicity people should watch the show and then formulate their opinions based on the acting merit or lack thereof, of each Actor. A good example for me is Stephen King's Roland being black, played by Actor Idris Elba. I did not even indulge that as a valid character choice because I had always perceived him is a Clint Eastwood type character. However Idris Elba nailed it and changed my entire mental perspective of the character Roland. I thinks something's on the main stream, should be pure. Some actors based on their ethnic group should not play certain ,specifically Superman :) That said no white man or black man should ever play the role of Ghengis Khan or the Mandarin... I'm told that 2nd one will be resolved in the next movie. It is perfectly OK to have a preconceived notion, when considering characters from a book fictional characters, as relating to ethnic background as long as the book doesn't go to great lengths to emphasize a specific ethnicity. I also think it's perfectly OK when the Actor goes against your concept of ethnicity as long as that Actor can do the job. So stop making this an issue of race and make it an issue of story telling and acting. Kind of like how people did when the movie Dune came out,in I believe 1984 ,whereas the remaking is focusing towards a more Brown skin acting cast, as in my opinion the book intended. Again in closing its about acting and story writing and storytelling it's not about the color someone's skin as it relates to characters of fantasy who the writer never specifically applied any ethnic skin tone to where the majority of the characters are concerned
  19. They mentioned some go to the blight, maidens etc to fight trollocs. So I took it as Janduin went with a group and died, and the survivors came back and told the tale. I see it like a raid, he went up there to die but most aren't going there to die, just to fight some trollocs and return,
  20. I remember when Tress suggested taking a look at History of Westeros. I thought it was riddiculous to talk about a single house in the ASOIAF for two hours. But it only took me one episode and then I was stuck. 😄 (That said, sometimes they get a little too chatty.)
  21. Crossing my fingers for you, Cindy. I´ve had a great day. I could go home extra early from work and then my father in law bought us ice cream in the harbor. Mmmm...
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