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  2. For me, there is no way to limit it to one scene, I absolutely want to see the big items like those mentioned above, but just as important are the (borrowing Leigh Butler's term) Moments of Awesomeness where battles aren't involved, such as: - Tuon and Karede finally understanding that Mat is highly competent and a "Lion on the open plain" - Nyneave overcoming her block - Salidar committee realizing they didn't install a 'malleable' Amyrlin - Perrin's realization that Tam, Abel and others are accepting his suggestions as orders - Verin's big reveal - Nyneave's discussion with Weilin Aldragoran at the queen's lance in Saldea. - Mat and Birgitte having a long conversation and finally requesting Mat to pick one language and then stick with it. - Any of the three Taveren not realizing how much women around them are googly-eyed because of them. - Almost anytime we're given the inner thoughts of Mat and Nyneave, while at the same time those thoughts are so very much opposite of the truth of the brave/righteous actions they are taking. So, so many others. Impossible for me to omit those
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  4. Another game we used to play though I have a feeling we had another name for it..either or And yes I am bored 😝 Book shelf Shelf life Life choice Aka take the last of the two words the previous person posted and make it the first of your two words So to start off building block
  5. Welcome to the White Tower & Warders! We're still in the process of moving our new digs here, so thing are in a bit of a mess. The MaA or MoN should be along shortly to help you make sense of things, though! In the mean time, please feel free to explore where-ever you can and shout if you need help. By shout, we mean either send me or JamesBrown a private message, or make a thread here on this board.
  6. I joined the AS path and was actually on the green private boards when I first joined. As I neared transfer from novice too accepted though I just didn't see how I would choose one of the ajah as there traits of all in me, and after consulting with friends and mentor and such I changed track so I ranked up in the track I would belong too. Back then they were in a period without disciplines so no choice to make as der'manshima, and I definitely feel at home there even if I like visiting the ajah at times.
  7. Oooh cookies... yummy, grabs a couple to dip in the coffee. Autumn hit us now I think which is just as well, less mowing of lawn and mucho nice colors
  8. Cars are nice but such a hazle when they act up,
  9. SPOILERS Cleansing of Saidin is one among the scenes I wait. I think it was a wondrous thing to happen, yet action packed and emotional. Lan fighting Demandred in the Last Battle. Especially how that one ends. Two Rivers boys charging trollocs shouting in old tongue. Dumai's wells for sure.
  10. I'll throw this one out. In the Stone of Tear where Rand kills all the Trollocs and Myrrdraal and then breaks down when he can't resurrect a child.
  11. Oooh spaday, who has some wine and we need snacks too 'Dives into the moat'
  12. I would expect at least 3-6 months minimum, maybe, for a basic grounding in a new fighting style, if it was intensive one to one training with an experienced, capable fighter. The whole WoT Randland continent is approx 3,000 to 3,500 miles from north to south, according to RJ and the various book map scales. I've also posted a thread on this board which lists some of the common distances for journeys between major cities, alongside journey times on foot and on horseback to help figure things out. Just if you need a reference in future. I reckon 35 or 36 would be ample for your purposes. It's not like we haven't all fudged discrepancies sometimes so as long as it's at least plausible, you should be fine.
  13. Yes, by this decision immersion will either be more difficult or they have to show the rest of the world as incredibly diverse. If they e.g. keep the Aiel and the Sea Folk as in the books what are the purpose of the changes in the most isolated, remote village in the world other than forced diversity? And then we are into showrunner politics and not the WoT of the books, which leaves the important question. What else will be changed? So little that this won't matter too much in the big picture, or so much that we can barely recognize the book story? What is certain is that we already know, we won't get a faithful adaption. I look forward to the next cast news. Thom and Lan especially, which will add a bit more knowledge to the questions above. I wonder why they haven't already announced it yet. Maybe Thom will be Thomina?
  14. Maybe a own board for after last battle could be an ide, start it out with last battle and then shape it forward from there but keep the current boards for generic character development and retro (which is where many train also) and I think a lot of new members will want to start in the psw "retro" time where we all spend time and worked on raising our characters. If any don't want to they could always just make their bio to be post battle and stay on that board.
  15. I don’t know much about programming. Is it fun? Sounds like a great day.
  16. I'm sorry, but I doubt the TV show will be believable with this unless they seriously change Jordan's original story. This isn't diversity, this is forced diversity. A town isolated for at least a thousand years? Where they (further) share the same "old blood" of Manetheren? And sure, Rand stood out, but he didn't realize it until Gawyn told him in Caemlyn? I'm sure every actor is incredible, but if they stay faithful to the story: isolation would do it, especially with common blood, but they're either all white or all black.
  17. Don't think there is any references beyond the traveling thing. Yeah I got a inane feeling I had her at 34 at some time but find no defence too it. And I thought about doing 35-36 but I never fully got controll of traveling distances in wot time Also I know they used to have a sort of guidance line for how long time realistic it would take to gain certain training in average. And I never fully got oversight of that either so just used to ask the mentors but I don't have any chat or msg system set up or seen much of them around to get quick answers on that
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