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  2. But can Hugh Laurie sing? I think Timothy Omundson would be a good choice for Thom. For Logain, I would like Aidan Turner. He's got the looks, the talent and he's a good brooder.
  3. I think that this school year is Aug 20th to June 12th. But it changes between where you live and private schools can make some changes (as long as there are the right amount of school days).
  4. An absolutely stellar piece, thank you! I am in agreement with the whole Thom/Moiraine romance being axed, it never made sense. For me, the cutting room floor is going to be a lot of books 5 to about 9. There was so much fluff about Perrin and White Tower intrigue that it needs to be severely cut down. There might be one season of TV show in books 6-8. I still enjoyed them as reads but as the meme goes, wasn't the highlight of one book Elayne taking a bath. Speaking of Elayne in the bath, I hope that is one of the moments that turn this into a TV-MA title. It isn't a gruesome and sex-filled series of books, but I always thought Jordan wanted us to understand the details of battle. In terms of using the One Power, I think he time and time again tried to use that as a parallel to today's version of war. Thank you again for the article, this could have been printed in the mass media like Variety and it would hold up.
  5. If I rand scum that will be three times in a row here. It's ok, I won;t tell anyone if I do.
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  7. Start writing? See which one like Lily says suits your fancy. My current story looks nothing like the first go. The character and world are the same, but that first book is nothing like the original version.
  8. I like the prompt/theme idea as well. Though I'm less likely to participate. As I'm in editing phase I'd be happy to share pre and/or post edited works too. I always like collections of what happens in writing articles around the web too. I could help with collecting some from my favorite authors. Or we could all post those that we liked/found useful etc.
  9. I think I'd like to start off with cherry tomatoes again and bell peppers. And flowers. I love flowers on my front patio.
  10. When is your usual first and last day of school? Our school year is usually from Aug 15-20th to June 20-25th.
  11. I feel like a lot were lost when the forum changed and that took a while. I would expect certain people will want to come back to check out the boards around the new tv show.
  12. A city. That makes me think Tar Valon immediately. Other fantasy and sci-fi cities? hm... Minas Tirith, though idk if it would be described that way. The Capitol from Hunger Games? other ideas guys?
  13. Yes. We start seven days before the kids. That is actually unusual. We usually work more before they arrive. I don´t have any classes the first week though.
  14. You guys start early. I have my first day Aug 15th, and the kids arrive Aug 20th.
  15. I have another two and a half week off. I really like my work but it´s just wonderful with some free time.
  16. Destination 1. 5 points: *makes a gateway and goes through* Wow! I have never seen a city like this!
  17. Welcome travelers! You are now going to go through some gateways and your task is to find out where you are. The destination is in a fantasy/sci fi world but it´s not the world itself that is the destination. For example, if the destination is the Black Tower, the right answer is the Black Tower, not Randland or whatever we call it. The destination could be a planet, a city, a building etc. I will give you five clues. You get more points the earlier you make the right guesses. You are a group, so discuss what you think it is, and then write the guess in a way that I see it´s the groups choice. (Like Official: Black Tower.) There is no time limit. Players: @Mrs. Cindy Gill @Basel Gill @Songstress @Dar'Jen Ab Owain @Sooh
  18. Sign up is closed. If anyone else want to play I can make a new game after this one.
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