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  2. Yeah, I'm not sure "no, listen, he NEEDED to be raped, because being raped will give you the will to live when you're suicidal" is an argument that is exactly gonna fly with current audiences. It was a wildly unnecessary bit of writing at the time, but it'll come across even worse now. (Also, did Nynaeve even know about that part? not sure she did)
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  4. We has the most excellent of knives.
  5. *stabs Liitha* Most excellent of knives.
  6. KOD Chpt 20 YES SPOILERS Not an epic battle scene but a very emotional one for me. Dare I say I wept a little. (Just don't tell my wife) When Nynaeve travels to the pub with the three Malkieri Traders and she convinces them to ride to the last battle with Lan. "The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don!"
  7. Lily, sorry about the test. Never knew about the power of rice, haycraftd. Today I am frustrated with modern cars. The ignition on my dad's jeep is locking up. Even if he gets the cylinder he still has to have it programmed.
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  9. Why thank you! Have a cookie or 5. You already knew that when you adopted me *snuggles* don't touch the hair! That's....that's just...wrong!
  10. Also towards the end Rand could sense DF's So she would of been exposed had she of been a DF.
  11. Ishy job was to keep humanity fractured. They are right it would of done ishy more good to have the Trollocs destroy Hawkwing then to have Hawkwing win.
  12. *tosses new knife to Arie* keep at it
  13. Honesty I have no idea what's going on, is it talk of two different events? And also helpful as I am, dicey being sick and all: Dice is very scared of me unintentionally cheating, he feels it's very important to be sure I know the rules, in details. This is what I got so far: 1. No googling 2. No asking other BAND members 3. It's a bunch of trivia, mixed with a tad of roleplaying, and a sprinkle of dices. Anyone got anything to add, please do, and be specific! (That good @dicetosser1?) 👻
  14. It's on the road map for Dabble but Jacob is one person hard to do it all and do it well and quickly.
  15. I'd adore to have project's that i can collaborate without needed Google.
  16. will do. I love dabble, but it doesn't fit my work flow. I REALLY need the ability to share my work on the fly without handing out my password. I have an alpha reader who reads each scene as I write it, and it's IMPORTANT that she has read and edit access lol at least on a per save basis.
  17. That is pretty awesome. Let him know that I love his program. I've gone through 8 different programs and this one has been worth the most money and the most useful to me. 😄
  18. *being gullible, looking around for cookies* there's no cookies is it...?
  19. Oh snap! I like this new recruit! *tackles Dicey* anyways let me know when you guys want to do the joust!
  20. Oh I have dabble. I have regular conversations with Jacob about the development of it (having one now). I'm looking to have dabble update my year round projects not just nano... because they track all year round, if Dabble hooks in I'd go back to using it provided I could import my work (which is what I'm talking to Jacob about potential future freelancing on the weekends)
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