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St. Patty's Day Event--Central Pub

Aiel Heart

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Welcome! Come Pull Up a Seat!






We're here to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style! We'll be having discussions about why this day is so celebrated, we'll be celebrating the Irish, and we'll be enjoying Irish brews! 


Scavenger Hunt

How Irish Are You?

Trivia Game

Alphabet Game


Most of these threads are still under construction. While you're waiting for them, feel free to sit down at my bar and enjoy yourself ;)

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An Irishman walks into a bar, looking all forlorn and low, and takes a stool

The bar tender comes up and says 'SO! what can I do you for?'

The Irishman slooowly raises his head and says

'I want 6 shots of scotch, six shots of whiskey and six pints of Guinness. I want them all together and I want them right now.'

Bartender replies 'You want WHAT now? Are you daft?'

Irishman replies again. A bit more surly now. 'I said, I want six shots of scotch, six shots of whiskey and six pints of Guinness. I want them all together and I want them right NOW'

Bartender says 'Alright. Alright. Calm yourself now. Don't get your knickers in a twist.'

Bartender takes a walk down the bar, pulls out a serving tray. Lines it with shot glasses. Pours out the liqour. Pulls six pints of Guinness and carries the tray down to the Irishman.

The man takes to it with a will!

Slugs the scotch!

Slugs the whiskey!

SLAMS the Guinness. 2 minutes flat it takes. The barman. . . is speechless. He finally manages to stammer out 'In all my years behind this bar I've never seen the like! How?. . . H..How in the world could you ever DO that?!'

Irishman replies. Barely any inflection in his voice. Still low. Drooping face. He says 'Well, you'd be able to do that too if ya had what I got.'

Bartender replies, full of concern for this terribly troubled man. 'Well, out with it. What is it man? What is it that ya've got?'

To which the Irishman replies



a dollar. . . 

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I'll have a drink! How about some Irish Coffee? 





So what is St Patty's Day actually all about?


No one really knows at this point, but it's definitely quasi-racist*


*In the same way the wearing a sumbero and drinking tequila on may 5th is.




Quasi-racist or not, I certainly enjoy the holiday, but wasn't it about the death of a Saint?

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It was a celebration of Irish culture during a time when they were being actively discriminated against.


Though now it's just an excuse to drink...not that I mind, I ran a 5k sponsored by a local brewery (free beer after the race) last weekend in "honor" of saint patricks day.

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Irish isn't a race so all clear there.


I'll have a magners

In correction: according to the anthropological definitions of race, it can be defined as:




(no longer in technical use) any of the traditional divisions of humankind, the commonest being the Caucasian, Mongoloid, and Negro, characterized by supposedly distinctive and universal physical characteristics.


an arbitrary classification of modern humans, sometimes, especially formerly, based on any or a combination of various physical characteristics, 

such as skin color, facial form, or eye shape, and now frequently based on such genetic markers as blood groups.


a socially constructed category of identification based on physical characteristics, ancestry, historical affiliation, or shared culture:

ex: Her parents wanted her to marry within her race.


a human population partially isolated reproductively from other populations, whose members share a greater degree of physical and genetic similarity 

with one another than with other humans.


Given that race can be used to delineate an ethnic group with related ancestry, you could then say its racist - it is the easiest word to use given there isnt really an equivalent word against ethnicities/cultures.

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Just tried some bangers from Wegman's the other day and they were fantastic. Some of the best I've tasted.


Funny enough, we'll NOT be partaking of the parades this year. The parades are a LOT of fun but a pain all the same. Instead we are going to the Broadway Market. It's the start of the Polish Easter festival. I have to work a lot this week which is kinda forcin me to hold back a bit and I am not happy about it. lol That, and with Wyatt bein so young and Buffalo weather being as . . . .. unpredictable as it usually is I just don't think it'd be a good idea. 


Here, have another Irish coffee and Magners.


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ah another magners would be lovely. and yes indeed wegmans bangers, very nommy.


I mistrust the weather myself and more so since tonawanda, NT and buffalo killed the parking bans early. besides, too many roughians roaming drunkenly through the streets.


the polish Easter festival sounds excellent. do they have pierogis? lovely handmade ones? or is that not eastery?

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I think that's basically it. a catholic saints feast day. but in the "Irish diaspora" it's like American Christmas and nothing much to do with the original thing.


we just wear green, sometimes drink too much, eat certain foods, dye food green, and avoid parades.


I learned something new today. lol I had to go look up what "Irish Diaspora" means. 




The local parade is on Sunday and it's going to be cold and rainy. lol I don't think I'm going. 





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I knew what diaspora meant but I never heard it used to refer to the Irish before. makes sense tho.


I seem to recall the parade used to be springlike on NYC but I don't know if seasons are reliably seasonable now.


it's lovely out today. I don't know what the bright ball of fire in the sky might be.

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total grounds for divorce.  Any reputable judge would see it so. 


 Oh indeed Mrs Gill! Plenty o'peirogi. If you do end up swinging in there I recommend Chrusciki Bakery for there frozen peirogi. If you're in a mind to grab some polish sausage I also recommend Camelia Meats. They have the most delicious fresh and smoked polish sausage. It's pretty busy there though. Just a heads up. The Easter season is when the Broadway Market makes it's YEAR. Going to be pretty crowded. 

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