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When's the last time you read the books?

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I caught up in my first read just a week or two before AMOL came out, and I'm currently working on my first reread of the series, interspersed with other assorted books. Very interspersed... I began this reread in late '14 and I am only three books in.


As for a book club thing, I like reading at my own pace, often depending on how much time I have for the actual act of reading. I very rarely read a whole series, or even consecutive books in a series, in one fell swoop. So at best, you might see me necroposting about each book long after everyone else has moved past it.

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I'm in the middle of a reread right now. I'm in the first third of Fires of Heaven. 


As for a book club reread, I'm really uneven when it comes to reading. I might read only a little on a given day, I might read half the book. I might be running far ahead, but it would be fun.  :smile:

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So, Dice, are u done yet ?


*Hands her beer to a wench who hands it to Zanzan*





IM SO SORRY I KNOW BETTER THEN TO ASSAULT OUR ESTEEMED ZAN, who's RA and so beyond awesomeness like all the other RA elected this term  !!!!!

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