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Aiel Heart

Pokemon Mafia IV: The Mystery of Heart Island--GAME OVER--TEAM ROCKET WIN

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Pikachu darted through the darkness. He'd heard a woman--a crying woman--behind a door. Maybe if they got to her, this insanity could end. 
He darted through the rooms, intent. He didn't dare go through the main hallways; the other pokemon would be too likely to find him there. When he entered one, he stopped in shock. What had happened in here? Papers everywhere, a pedestal knocked over. What was this?
Pikachu ears flickered. He heard the slightest of movements behind him. He waited, pretending like he didn't hear it. Right when the other pokemon got close, he darted away and used thunderbolt.
But this other pokemon was fast too, and it was hard to see through the fog. He didn't dare try to electrocute the whole room; that could destroy everything else that was in it. 
The pokemon came at him again. He dodged, and the shadowy pokemon ran into the bookshelf. More papers fell off of it and flew to the ground. Pikachu rushed to steady it, and then he felt something hard hit him. He fell to the ground, and in his daze saw the pokemon rush away
"Pika..." he struggled to get his message out before he blacked out "Pika-pikachu! Pi-pikachu!"
Pikachu's eyes closed
Bulbasaur heard Pikachu's message. Crying behind a doorway? A destroyed library?
But pikachu sounded like he was in trouble! He rushed to help. 
By the time he got there, it was already too late. Pikachu had blacked out. 
He had been right about the library being destroyed. Papers were everywhere!
Papers, and... a picture.
It was crinkled in a way that said it had been handled a lot, though still carefully held. It was a family of people, along with a baby Growlithe.[/size]
Bulbasaur squinted at the one holding the Growlithe. Was that--?[/size]
Bulbasaur heard a rustling behind him.
"Well, well" a drawling voice said. "What do we have here? A little pokemon, lost in the dark."
Bulbasaur turned to face this new voice and saw... A Meowth?
Bulbasaur glanced at Pikachu, still lying on the ground. He stood between the pikachu and this Meowth.
"Going to protect Pikachu? How do you know he's the good guy? I might be the good guy for all you know.
"If you say so." Meowth said nonchalantly, his arms folded. 
Then Meowth's claws began to shine as he darted towards Bulbasaur. 
Bulbasaur gathered all of his strength inside of him and focused it on a Solar Beam. It hit Meowth just in time. 
Bulbasaur picked up the picture and ran back to his master.
"Two pokemon have fallen this night. One of light, and one of darkness." The voice spoke to the few trainers that were left. 
"Ley, your pikachu acted bravely in the end. You should be proud."
"However, that does mean that you, Ley, trainer of Pikachu, League Trainer, has been knocked out of the competition
"The other pokemon, Meowth... I believed belonged to you, John Snow."
John Snow silently stood, looking hard in the direction of the voice as he was whisked away.
"John Snow, trainer of Meowth, Team Rocket, has been knocked out of the competition."
"You trainers have done well these last few days, however I still sense there is Team Rocket in our midst. Let us see what a little more time brings us. Can you find the last one with darkness in their heart?"
The trainers turned to each other. 
Sitting off to the side, Turin unconsciously flicked the dials of the heart-shaped locket he still held. 
It is now Day 6.
With 3 alive, it takes 2 to lynch. 

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I'm not going to lie. I'm going with BFG as Mafia purely because no way Ithi gave up that spot if she was finally scum.


And I knew Ley was playing bad enough not to be Mafia :wink: 

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[v]Dice[/v] Has to be


Counter wagon for 3 days

Plus RTE has to be town


Fingers crossed

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I wasn't right all game but I was right when it counted. My scum reads weren't too off. JS was biggest surprise. I had only joked he might be the deep wolf but looks like I took the right shot.


I also love when I'm right and Darthe is wrong.

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Really guys? I go to shower and this happens already? 




"An interesting choice, dice" the voice said. "He wasn't here to compete, only here to seek the advice of Mistress Heart. He wasn't a danger to either of you, but could have helped you both if you'd given him the chance to speak."

"dice, trainer of Snorlax, a third party player, has been removed from the competition.

Both of your pokemon are to be released now in a battle, let us see whose heart is stronger. 


It is now Night 6. You have 24 hours. 

(The % nature of this game changes how endgame can work)

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