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Hail one and all!


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Hello everyone!  Yet another new guy here!


New guy to the forums, and relatively new to The Wheel of Time as well!  I was introduced to the series by a friend about 12 years ago.  My first attempt at reading them failed.  The thought of such a long book series, back then, boggled my mind far too much.  But now that I am older, and the series is over, I am giving them a shot once more!  I am 4 books in and I have to admit, sometimes it can be a pretty hard read.  The characters constantly bickering with each other tends to annoy me greatly, but other than that such an epic story is really a pleasure to read!  My favorite character has to be al'Lan Mandragoran!


Right around the time I was discovering The Wheel of Time, another great passion of mine was introduced to me: Table Top RPGS.  In fact the very first Dungeons and Dragons game I every played in was heavily influenced by the Wheel of Time!  Since then I have been either playing in or running games every weekend for several years!  I used to play a lot of video games as well, but in recent years I have cut back heavily.  I just don't get the same satisfaction from them as I do from table top games.


All in all, I am your general fantasy/table top game/history nerd.  And I am damn proud of it!


I am looking forward to getting to know you all better in the future!







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Hi Siege,


I'm Ithi


I flew over your state a few weeks ago :)


Welcome to Nerdsville, twinned with Geek Town. The majority of us here also really like the books too. There's the discussion forums where you can get all the nitty gritty and get deep down in depth about the books. There's also the General Discussion forum where you can discuss ANYTHING.


I started reading them about the time the 3rd book came out - so 1991 ish? I know that's when it happened because after book 3 I had to wait and wait and wait. Generally there was one every year or so, so it wasn't too bad. Do you think you prefer having them all available at once or would you have preferred to have been on the drip feed?


The silly arguments annoy a lot of people. You certainly don't have to worry that the majority of us hold these books up on a pedestal, as they have their faults and their brilliant bits - it just like most things in life.


I've never done table top RPG - there just weren't any opportunities for it to happen. There's quite a few players knocking about the site though, and one day I may learn how as well. I do like making Games for the Forum though. There's a game called Mafia we play here quite a bit. It's all about trying to find out who the bad guys are and getting rid of them. I think it's practically the same as the game Werewolf? Dunno if you've played that in your time.


If you want to just have a chit chat, make new friends and have fun then there's also the Social Groups. I'm in the WT and the BT - but there's plenty more available and something to suit everyone. I would say they are a very good way to get to know us.

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Hello, Siege!!!


What a wonderful introduction. :) I came to the series about 4 years ago..... never read fantasy before, after the third chapter I was hooked. Yes, there are parts that can get slow... every stitch and color on a dress did it for me.


While I spend most of my time in the White Tower, there are multiple groups so poke around and have fun. We have a role play section if you like to write. You can develop your own character within a WoT setting.

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The Social Groups are near the top end of the main board. Each one has a 'sign up here' thread. Just read through them and see if any take your fancy and then do as they ask in their sign up thread,


The RP groups are near the bottom of the main board.


You don't have to join the discussion or mafia boards and each group has a number of open boards that you can post in without joining.


So have a poke about and see what you like.

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Hey Siege, welcome to Dragonmount!

Thanks for the great introduction, DM has so much for you to see but, since you are only part way through the series, beware of possible spoilers. Our discussion boards are where you can go to discuss various aspects and theories, just be sure if you start a thread there to mention how far along you are and ask that people be considerate of possible spoilers.


I'd highly suggest you spend some time and check out our social groups to see if you think you might enjoy joining any. (Join as many as you'd like) If you have questions about The Black Tower, home of Spam and Madness, I should be able to answer them (I'm Logain, leader of the light faction). If you have questions about The Band of the Red Hand, home of music, travel, drinks & eating out, I should also be able to answer them (I'm the Band's Exececutive Officer). Unfortunately I can't offer much help answering questions about our other Social Groups but I'm sure if you have any and post them here someone will be able to answer them for you.


Lastly DM has Role Play groups which, though I am not a part of, I do understand appeals to some people.  The social groups seem to have light RP elements but mainly focus on interacting with the other members of that group.  I assume the RP threads are for those who like to fully immerse themselves in their character and am sure that some of our RP people, like sherper here, can probably answer any questions you may have.

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