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Gray Ajah Midsummer Festival: Guess the Produce Game


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That looks like half prepped prickly pear or sum thin


Ummmm I've cooked kale like spinach and of course used it in that soup with white beans and sausage. And I did fiddleheads a couple times. But no one else liked them :sad: they taste kinda ferny.


I've cooked with tapioca and the flour is a main ingredient in GF mixes but of course i never tried to process the cyanide out of the raw root. Yikes we eat scary food.

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Like Cindy I've used kale in soups and what we over here call boil ups. Fiddleheads we call pikopiko, we use it in salads and boil ups. Here we eat it mostly with trout or wild game like vension, wild pork and duck


And I'm going to say that is cactus. I don't know what type of cactus but it looks like something I saw on Jamie's American Road Trip

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okay okay i'll say yes you all have it correct!!!!  points all around







5   points - Dors

15 points - Cindy

7   points - Ryrin

7   points - Harry

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