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Gray Ajah Midsummer Festival: Guess the Produce Game


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Guess the Produce Game




The Gray Ajah Presents


Midsummer Festival - Come Picnic With Us!


Welcome to the Gray Ajahs' Midsummer Festival Guess the Produce Game.

The rules are simple. Come in, take a seat and have some food and drink. I will post a portion of a pic of a fruit or vegetable and you have to guess it. Now these are not your ordinary everyday fruits and veggies. So get your thinking cap on and show off your produce savvy!!! 



So let's get started with this lovely selection;


1.)   buddhahand2_zpsba767a9a.jpg

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Ry you got the pic right but that name is another fruit that is black/purple and grows on the trunks of it's trees  :smile:


also it is not a watermelon =)))

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