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  1. Over here $5 is not enough to buy a big mac or a beer. You might, depending where you shop, get a couple of bananas, same with potatoes. You can buy a 650g bag of rice though.
  2. But I'm glad I did, made me smile
  3. That changes my opinion of you :P
  4. Jandalman lol -pokes the Kiwi- Welcome and all that :P
  5. Care to expand? Certainly don't agree in the regards to the wider literary world and I would ask you to put a bit more weight behind your assertion. With fantasy I guess it's more relative. Of course you have some classic authors from way back like Peake, Wolfe and Crowley. Overall though the fantasy genre is filled with far better quality than it ways in say the 80s and 90s. You can disagree, that's your opinion. And I have mine.
  6. My heart breaks every time I read or hear about someone being heartbroken over Snape's death. If I had my way, Nagini would have swallowed him whole. The Amber Spyglass. Lyra and Will realising they will have to spend the rest if their lives apart was so sad. After all they had learned and all they had been through. I cried when I first read that. The Tamir Triad. The whole story is sad. I had a few heartbreaking moments in that series.
  7. I don't. I think one has to wade through a lot of garbage to find something good. In every genre, not only Fantasy. The quality of most writing being published these days is poor. Imo.
  8. Like an entire Forsaken, Asmodean ? Really? I have up to ADWD in the ASoIaF series but have not even finished reading GoT. I don't like the writing. I can't get past the writing. I much prefer the tv show. At least, I've made it to season four
  9. Wilbur Smith's The Seventh Scroll was a difficult read for me. I couldn't get into it and after a year of being stuck on the first chapter, I gave up. It was the style of writing I couldn't cope with. I put him in the same category as (don't shoot me) George R R Martin. I don't like his style of writing either.
  10. Aww shucks -blushes, glasses fog up- We're hqppy to have you here. Take a look around, make yourself at home, test all offered food and drink on a asha'ma... er... I mean a house elf. And, er, I'd steer clear of the White Tower for now, they may bust you back to novice ;)
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