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Yellow Ajah Back to School Event: Riddle Master


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I have been known as a U.S. Marshall, and one of the best. The famous shoot out at the OK Corral was just one
along with the rest. A tin star was pinned on me quick as a snap, but U.S. Marshall was not actually stated as that.
By now you probably know my name, but what did the tin star state as my Real Fame?
I will give you a hint (and I swear you will want to kick yourself when you figure out the answer!):
You already know this person's name. More than likely, you know a good bit about this person. The riddle tells us that this person
wore a tin star, but they were not a U.S. Marshall. You can't go by the movie, Tombstone, to answer this question because while it 
is a GREAT movie, it is a little bit misleading concerning this riddle. Think of little details, technicalities....how could people call this 
person a Marshall, when technically he was not? 


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DING DING DING!! Sunshine boy got it! (The score has been updated!)



And that will be the final riddle of the game. Thanks, everyone for playing 

and I hope you had as much fun with this thread as I did! I'll have the 

winner announcement on the first post. :)

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