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Yellow Ajah Back to School Event: Riddle Master


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mr black shuold shoot the gruond becuse then it looks liek he cant shoot for crap and is less dangeruos, and th othre two whos turns are next will liekly fire at each other befoer him (and hopefuly mr gray will klll mr. white - which wuold insure hes alive for his next turn)

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What did you do, Poindexter, look it up?? (score has been updated)

I'll be back, and you won't stop me again!


Good work, Mills, but you don't have to PM the answer to me. Just post it here. I change the riddle as soon

as I've seen that it is done. :) 

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The Riddler does enjoy Dragon Age! (The score has been updated)


But I am finished playing that game, let's try another!!


(I do love my DA. lol And the riddles were worded so prettily. :) )

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Why don't you just admit that I am more clever and 

you are looking up the answers? (I'm just taunting like the Riddler would, I don't believe you're cheating. :) )

(The score has been updated)



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