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Yellow Ajah Back to School Event: Riddle Master


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Aaah, summer break. It is a time to shed that extra stress from exams and a time to let go and maybe be a little wild. For a few short weeks, 

we can forget all about class schedules, exams, and hours upon hours of homework. It is nice to sit back and relax, but unfortunately our brains 

tend to relax a little bit too and that makes it difficult to get back into the swing of things when classes start back up. 


We thought that a fun way to get your brain warmed up and ready to go is a fun little game of 

riddles. (It will be fun, seriously!)


How to Play:


Each day, I will post a new riddle. The first person to answer correctly wins the round. At the end of

the event, the winner will get a one of a kind siggy created by our very own Yellow Ajah Head, 

Nynaeve. In the event of a tie, I'll post a lightning round to determine who gets to claim the 

prestigious title of Riddle Master! 





Taltos- 11 points

Xthrax- 2 points

Rhea- 8 points

Sunrise_Lord - 2 points

Kukaso- 1 point

Millon- 3 points

Songstress- 1 point

Blank- 1 point


Finally admitting defeat, E. Nygma retreats to the 

confines of his lair once and for all, declaring this 

world's new Riddle Master to be:




Congratulations, Riddle Master!

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How quickly this Taltos is becoming a thorn in my side!!! (The score has been updated!!)


I have another riddle for you and I'm sure that not even your 

Brown Ajah can't find the answer here! muah ha ha ha HAHAHA!

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I see you have called for backup, so the Prince of Puzzles has you scared now! 

Hahahahaha! (The score has been updated)


Hi-diddle diddle...Time for another Riddle!

(And it is probable that you won't figure this one out as quickly!)



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