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I found a shiny new Sherper thing!


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Hai Sherper :)

Welcome to the Black Tower! The currency around here is points and brownies, so here is a little something to start you off.




I'm sure some people will be along soon to say hi and give you more useful (but far less delicious) info, but in the meantime feel free to explore and post anywhere and everywhere that takes your fancy, unless a thread specifically says no spam.


Oh, and do go ahead and ask questions, or introduce yourself a bit, or sing us a song if you like :)

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Welcome to the Black Tower, Sherper! Please come sit down and have a tainted brownie or two. Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is your favourite asha´man? Do you consider yourself pre-tainted? Do you like acupuncture? 


*takes some hair and sits down and starts making a new doll* 


You will soon get access to our private boards. Until then, make yourself at home here at the main board. 

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Well greetings and hello everyone!


Sorry for the late reply to my own welcome thread! :tongue:


The rotation of the earth and the day light cycle is a bitch to deal with.


Anywho, might as well introduce myself. *takes a brownie and sits down*


I'm currently living in Australia finishing my last year of high school. I do quite a bit of creative writing as a hobby and past time, but I'm thinking of joining ADFA (Australian Defense Force Academy) at the end of the year and hopefully become an officer serving with the Infantry.


I love reading and am up to Book 6 in the wheel of time series. I also used to do a lot of backpacking, and other out door activities.


Spamming is not really my cup of tea for causing havoc amongst online forums. I found the more subtle approach of making everyone there think you're just slightly crazy to work a lot better.


I donno, simple things like answering this to "What is your favourite colour?"


"Favorite color and why:
as deep and as dark as the crimson that flows through your veins. It reminds me of the sweet, intimate smell, that vivid damp texture every time the knife slides through soft milky flesh.
Oh I remember all the terrifying screams, the cry of agony, the pain. I remember every look, that pass between their eyes, right before the moment they realise They are going to die.
I laugh and cry myself to sleep thinking about the colour red.  So I guess I shall choose that."


Hope to have many 'tainted' discussions with all of you in the future!


I'm just going to go check on my victim down in the basement again.


Fair Dinkum to you all.

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thou shalt spam.


when in Rome and all.


saw that response in the wt.


we're all mad here, so... making us feel only slightly crazy would be quite a task.


probable take you a few hundred thousand posts.


g'wan, give some of our threads a read, you'll be spamming taint in no time.



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