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Attention BFG


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Brid stands on the dias, Jea and Horn beside her.  In her hands is a small box and she calls for the Band to fall in.


BFG!  Front and center!


She waits for BFG to make her way to the front of the crowd and begins to speak.


BFG, you are called her today so the Senior Staff can bestow upon you the Luck of the Dark One Award. 


BFG has tirelessly worked hard for the Band.  Her work in the Game alone is enough for this medal, but she also has kept the Book Disucssion alive and her tireless work on starting the new games like the relay race.  She starts threads to get us all active and posting, she makes sure she visits all of the regiments and is always involved with Bandwide and Staff discussions.  She is a true asset to the Band and is the definition of a true Bander.


BFG, it is my pleasure and honor to present to you the Luck of the Dark One Award.  Congratulations!






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*Makes her way to the front, feeling nervous and trying very hard not to look guilty.  (Is Brid looking stern, was that a twitch on Jeas face?)*






Wow, thanks :)  Uh,


*accepts the badge and stripe and grins widely*


I think the only thing I can say are flaming shots are on me :blush:

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