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Happy Birthday Cindy!


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To dear kitteh Cindy!



Happy Happy Birthday!



here is a cake:





and a wriggly hamster:





and a lobster:









spolier tagged cos apparently it is a very big lobster!


and a party hat:



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hamster is for snuggling with when its cold! but, your hamster, do with as you will! :tongue::laugh:


i didn't know how you would like your lobster so thought you could choose for yourself!

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inside the present is:


kitteh adventure playground:





open fire for laying in front of:




and a ticket:




with it you can go anywhere in the world, or if you don't like flying bring anywhere in the world to you*


*Valid for internet journeys only I'm afraid, at least until I win millions on the lottery

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will use the ticket to bring a friend to me tho... i suspect it would be a drive :)


i shall respect your snuggly hamster.


and the lobster shall be boiled or steamed and shall be served SOON.  with avacado or butter, is all good. 


ty :)

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Happy birthday! I was thinking about Bilbo´s birthday party and remembered that hobbits give their guests gifts. So to celebrate your birthday I think you should cook or bake something for us, even though you´re not a hobbit.  :biggrin:

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Happy Birthday Cindy!


Whilst at first it may appear I don't have a present, I will direct you to the local news website of your choice, and to observe the fresh divorce proceedings (somewhat unbelievably) brought against Nigella Lawson.


She's available now!


And yes this was my doing. I'm quite persuasive.

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