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The kissing booth


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Ha! I am Lanfear, Daughter of the Night, and I will now kill you. You are not worthy to touch the garment of Lanfear, let alone her lips. I will not be demeaned by the touch of one so pitiful. 


Lily takes her knife and plunges it first into Ishy's eyes, then ears, and finally his throat. Seeing that he still is not dead, she draws her knife lovingly from ear to ear, giving him a permanent smile (of sorts.)


Lily then stalks off, blasting various pieces of furniture and then trees in the courtyard, until she finally is gone....




(Sorry Ishy. <3you)

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Take two:


*Turin looks around from atop his tank trailer. He is dizzy from over 100 F temperature. His hallucinations take the shape of huge scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream. He reaches out to grab on and stumbles on the lip of the trailer. Fearing to fall he jumps back... Oops too far. Falling backward his bum bumps the round tank which continues his backward roll. Feet fly over head and hit the ground first but he fails to stick the landing and again lands flat on his back*


Oof. I didn't even say "watch this".


I hope you got that one. This is hard work.

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