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Pokemon Mafia III: The Treasure of Heart Island--GAME OVER--TOWN WIN

Aiel Heart

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Despite all of the trouble in the past, many trainers eagerly signed up for the tournament. The draw of gold in addition to the fame of winning a Heart Island tournament was simply too much for many to turn away. 
Invitations went out, and one by one, the Trainers arrived at the island. They were given a night to settle in their rooms, and on the following morning, they were led out to a stretch of beach. 


The sand was soft and warm, the waves sparkled, and the wild pokemon of the island called out to each other. 
Mistress Heart's chair sat on a small driftwood dais built in the sand. She smiled at the trainers as twenty-six gathered around her. Most of them were wearing different colored handkerchiefs to keep the heat off. She opened her mouth to speak.
"YOU!!!!!!!" Everyone stared as a woman in blue handkerchief suddenly tackled a man as he entered the circle. "Magma scum!!! How dare you come here?!?!!? This is our turf!!! The sea is ours!!!!!!!!! LET THE SEA REIGN!!!!!!!"
"This is land and that makes it ours!!!!" The man shouted as she shoved her off. 
"Hariyama, break this up!!!" Mistress Heart called out.
Hariyama materialized out of his ball, and held one of the trainers in each hand. They still struggled toward each other. 
The man's red handkerchief had fallen to the ground. Mistress Heart lifted it and uncurled it. On it was a dark M which resembled a volcano. She stepped to the woman, who didn't even notice as her handkerchief was removed from her head. On it was an odd sort of A which seemed to be made out of bones. 
"Take them away Hariyama." Mistress Heart returned to the dais, a handkerchief in each hand. "Well, I suppose I should have been expecting this. Even with all of the extra security precautions, pokemon thieves have managed to make their way into my tournament. Very well. We shall do this again. I know that there are many true trainers here. Figure out who are the thieves among us." 
Mistress Heart sat in her chair, and the game began.
1) The first day will not last any more than 7 real life days. After that, “days” will be 72 hours and “nights” will be 48 hours.
2) This is a hammer game. Lack of consensus in voting when deadline is reached will result in a random knockout.
3) Do not talk about this game outside this thread unless you have been granted access to a QT, in which case you may talk in the QT as well.
4) Do not quote anything in your role pm or in any QTs you might have access to.
5) Pokemon and role reveals are allowed
6) Do not game the Mod
7) If I feel something is outside the spirit of the game, it will result in restrictions or modkilling.
8) When you are knocked out, you are allowed one “blah” post which may not reveal any game-related information
9) Do not edit your posts
10) Votes must be bold and red. You must unvote before you revote. Self votes are allowed. No-lynches are not. 
11) I expect activity. Spam is welcome (to some extent), but there must be at least game related post per phase. If you suddenly drop off the map, you are subject to being modkilled or replaced
12) Submit actions in your role pm. If you need something about your role specified, also ask me in the pm. I know that I may have phrased a few things strangely. I do not guarentee anything beyond a PAFO however.
Note: I am ModGoddess of your Pokemon Universe. My word is final, and I'm not afraid of modkilling
1. Mawth--Trainer of Plusle--League Trainer--Killed N7

-----Plusle often seen with Minun
2. Kronos--Trainer of Surskit--League Trainer--Killed N2
3. Hallia--Trainer of Wailmer--Team Aqua--Lynched D8

-----Water Gun: Knocks out Target

-----Rollout: Knocks out Target
4. Ithi--Trainer of Slakoth--League Trainer--Killed N1
5. Tina--Trainer of Baltoy--Team Magma--Killed N3

-----Rapid Spin: Knocks out target

-----Rock Tomb: Makes target's attack less likely to succeed
6. Tigriane Luci Tress--Trainer of Carvanha--Team Aqua--Lynched D6

-----Ice Fang: Knocks out target

-----Focus Energy: Makes target's attack more likely to succeed
7. Dav
8. Turin--Trainer of Treecko--League Trainer--Killed N1
-----Detect--Find how who else targeted target
9. Piano--Trainer of Seedot--League Trainer--Killed N5
10. berf--Trainer of Cacnea--Team Rocket--Killed N2

-----Thunderpunch: paralyzes target
11. BG--Trainer of Aron--Team Magma--Killed N4

-----Tackle: Knocks out target

-----Metal Claw: Knocks out target
12. Ley Peace--Trainer of Mudkip--League Trainer--Lynched D9

-----Protect: defends target from any other attacks
13. RTE--Trainer of Skitty--League Trainer--Lynched D2
14. WoT13--Trainer of Numel--Team Magma--Lynched D4

-----Ember: Knocks out Target

-----Focus Energy: Makes target's attack more likely to succeed. 
15. Darthe--Trainer of Poochyena--Team Aqua--Lynched D1
-----Bite--will knock out target
-----Sand attack--will make target's attack miss and go random
16. Chuckles--Trainer of Spoink--League Trainer--Killed N6

-----Psychic--finds out alignment of target
17. Cloud--Trainer of Sevipar--Team Rocket--Killed N5

--Glare: paralyzes target
18. Cyan Dice
19. Razen--Trainer of Wingull--Team Aqua--Random Lynched D7

-----Wing Attack: Knocks out target

-----Pursuit: Makes target's attack less likely to succeed
20. maddness Csarmi--Trainer of Meditite--League Trainer--Lynched D3
21. Panchi--Trainer of Lotad--League Trainer--Killed N5

--Protect--Defends target from any other attacks
22. Krak--Trainer of Zigzagoon--Team Magma--Killed N9

-----Headbutt: Knocks out target

-----Sand Attack: makes target's attack miss and go random
23. Despo--Trainer of Gulpin--League Trainer--Killed N2

--Sludge--Knocks out target
24. Hisoka
~Do not Post until all roll PMs have been set out~

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I have no idea what you are talking about?


I did read them?


I'd you mean not all PMs have been sent?

You read the PM, I'd not posted saying that they'd all been sent out yet, and it really won't hurt you to laugh a little more.


Now giggle >.>

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I saw others posting so I assumed it was ok



Just because everyone does it doesn't make it right :P


That was too manly to be a giggle!

My whole life is a lie!

I've always just believe it was ok cos others were doing it


*chuckles deeply*

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