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[Game] The Corrupted Wish

Toph Beifong

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This is how it works: the first person makes a wish and then the next person grants the wish, but with some kind of corruption. Then the second person makes their own wish and the next person corrupts it, and so on. 



User1: I wish I could fly.

User2: Granted, but you can only fly one feet off the ground. 

 I wish for a million dollars.

User3: Granted, but it's Monopoly money.

I wish for an unlimited supply of tainted brownies.






I wish for a dragon. 

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*uses a language that could compete with Uno's usual speech*


Granted, but you won't be able to eat anything different for the next twenty years.


I wish for some strawberries.


Hmmm, that's not to bad. After all Chinese people eat it every day :wink:



Granted. Tragically you also gain a severe allergic reaction to them and your hands and feet swell to twice their usual size. And it's permanent.



I wish I didn't have to listen to this 20 minute sales call.

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