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[Game] The Corrupted Wish

Toph Beifong

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granted. The Genie is hard of hearing. He thinks you said infinite Fishes. He was also very bitter so sends you to the Shark tank at Sea World. For some reason no one has fed them in a week.


I wish I could Travel to where I want to go... (and just Ewwwwww)

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Excellent. I can deal with that. Ithi is getting you your "special sauce" for you fish & chips


Granted. your keep getting the honor of being unnamed red shirt #2 in all your Star Trek books  :baalzamon:


I wish that Tsuki didn't have to die for his wishes

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Welcome to Leavenworth.


Also, I don't have any star trek books (or star wars, or any other "franchise" sci-fi... I'm a snob - Heinlein, Asimov, McCaffrey...)


I wish Turin's breath didn't smell like he subsists on a diet of Slim Jim's "special sauce"...

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Granted... But now you are bored unless jumping out of an airplane and having to catch your parachute on the way down.


I wish I was better at wishing


You just threw me out of an airplane without a parachute?! What were you thinking?




Also granted ... Wishes that I have a parachute on your behalf and grants it instantly, leaving you with no wish of your own.




I wish that something nice would happen.

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