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So exams are over...


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If I remember correctly, I think I slept.


Of course I had been awake the whole night before finishing stuff off and handing it in last minute.


How do you think it went?


well enough, Should be getting most of the marks back on Monday, should more or less sort out the grade rankings

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That is very fast indeed for marking.we used to have to wait all summer for ours.


Are these national official exams or in school ones?


school ones


most of them are done.


Only one that isn't done is IT prac but I can understand that, the teacher's lazy, I forgive him, happy he got the theory done

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Thanks for taking the time in your busy schedule to welcome me O Master of the Spirit :)


srsly they should make you a Master of Ceremony or something, responsible for giving out brownies. I love mine...

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I passed all my uni exams, now off until September




now I'm suffering from post-exam I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-myself

Roller coaster park :smile:

I have heard things about that game...

Good grief!


I can't believe you said that. A game? NO.


Step away from the pooter and GO to a Roller Coaster Park. Have fun.

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