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I procrastinate so much I don't even need a reason to anymore. It's been practiced for so long that even my history teacher in Highschool signed in my year book (yes! my TEACHER signed my year book. I had no friends lol) saying 'Brian, you have turned procrastination into an art form. Hoping you can turn it to your advantage'.





*crude humor warning*

And I saw this on a bumper sticker I think.



Procrastination is like masturbation. Feels good now but in the end you just screwed yourself.


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lls nice one Millon!!! and Ithi, can I please have if that's ok??


im putting off doing my English Essay... :/ have to figure out how to shorten it...

if you need any help PM me  Time:)

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Yes of course you can have it Time. It's an odd one I've had knocking around for a while now.

And really@Cindy :) you know, we used to have a cat and we would take it on holiday with us. It had a harness and a lead. It didn't really work lol.

:) most kitties play immovable object pretty well. at least when they can figure out the unstoppable force...


I carry mine like babies. I am we'll trained.

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