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Month of Greats - Who/What/When Game


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Hi everyone!


It's ASG here. Hallia and I will be joint hosting a game this month for the Blue and White Ajah's MONTH OF GREATS!


Our game will focus on GREAT people and events. Each week will have a theme, just to make it interesting. :smile:


We will post a clue and then we need participants to guess WHO is doing the event/deed. WHAT the event/deed is. And WHEN the event/deed occurred.


You ask us simple YES and NO questions ...seriously, that is ALL we will answer. :wink:

These are to help you solve the clue ... Don't just jump in and start guessing random people. Use the clues and ask questions to increase your chances. :smile:


Then when you're ready to guess, you post, along with which section you're answering (WHO, WHAT, or WHEN).

If your answer is correct will tell you, award you points and move on until all three are guessed and them we'll throw up a new clue ....and it al starts over.


WHO is worth 10 points

WHAT is worth 20 points

WHEN is worth 25 points


We'll be playing all month long (Hallia and I have A LOT of GREAT clues, GREAT events and GREAT people). So, pop in, participate, guess and have fun! :biggrin:


Our first them is GREAT events in SCIENCE!


First clue ....

Superman ain't got nothing on me!

I left my experiments on my bedside table so I can work on them whenever I wake up.

My body is still quarantined in death.





Ish .....55

Cindy .....250

Ith .....55

blank .....55

RTE .....10

dap .....60

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