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Month of Greats - Who/What/When Game


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Hmmmmmm Cindy got two answers right. Did she get Rand at Andor correct, or Rand at the Two Rivers.

Did Rand do any important sitting down whilst he was in Andor? Wasn't there something to do with the Throne there?

rand in the wheel of time were correct, looking for a specific incident in the books as narrowed down up yonder

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Wow! Teh Kitteh is tearing it up ... Another 20 points for Cindy!



Next clue is a GRRM clue ...


Winter Is Coming, but not for me.

Though Stark is my blood, a stone I shall be.

I dream of flowers and songs and deeds of great honor.

Yet when hounded I fear I'm a gonner,

Until ....

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