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  1. ASG of the WHITE AJAH My solution is to have a special month at the end of the extra days that also gets longer with the Leap Year .... All Winter Holidays can be moved to this period and it could be come a universal time of happiness, joy, celebration, contemplation and reflection. The 13th Month!
  2. ASG of the White Ajah I know Fnorrell from the WT and a few PMs. I tried other social groups, but nothing seems to compare to the WT, tbh.
  3. And here is my present to the new Captain General ... A sword with an appropriate pommel for the new Captain General!
  4. Oh ... ASG of the White and yes I would heal anything. Healing, wholeness, kindness and love are never wrong choices.
  5. Brandie, I know I took an extended leave shortly after you came on, but I know how dedicated you were. Your leadership kept the Ajah afloat and you created some big shoes for Ryrin Sedai to fill! *hugs
  6. Congratulations Bonded!!!!! I am so proud of you and all you have become! You are an unfailing friend and have the wisdom of the ancients beneath a personality of fire and humor! The Green Ajah is lucky to have you as their head, no one has more of a Green Soul than my bonded!!! *hugs and kisses I'll be back with presents ...
  7. ASG did not agree nor desire the bond breaking, but honors his Brathair's request.
  8. Not fair for us across the pond ...we're early birds too ...just 5 hours behind. LOL
  9. ASG, Aes Sedai of the White Ajah, WT/W Ambassador. I like the idea of having strength and skill or weapon levels ...but more as a concept, or even a way to keep active members involved ...but I wouldn't try and tie it to actual events or games, etc. I agree with Dar ...sounds like a logistical nightmare.
  10. I get a 5:00 shadow like an hour after I shave! LOL Tyler, that first shot is again VERY Edward Norton-esque
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