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  1. AesSedaiGuy

    March Roll Call

    I request to be a member again, but roll call is probably not the place for that request ... *grins*
  2. AesSedaiGuy

    March Roll Call

    ASG, I was a member back under the Previous Eldest I think.
  3. Sunshine (Sedai, Sitter of the Yellow)
  4. Hi all! I LOVE audiobooks, and have listened to them multiple times. For Old Tongue expert, you need to track down Andrew Gelos of DM Podcast fame ...he is virtually fluent. I'll go through some old ones, I'm sure that quote has made an appearance somewhere. Please make sure to check out the forums and book discussions, as well as the social groups. I am in the White Tower/Warders and it is a great place to meet and chat about the books, real life, anything you want really, as well as play games and interact.
  5. Take a second to check out the Down The Rabbit Hole Game! http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/84318-white-ajah-alice-in-wonderland-event-down-the-rabbit-hole-game/
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