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  1. Hi J. Last time I was here I couldn't post on the boards to say G'day!
  2. Which makes more sense 3.1 mi or 5 km? The one without the decimal point. And uh-oh I started something here
  3. 40c is 100F Its been up to 52C - that's 125F Yeah but the US is so backwards with most of its Institutions - the rest of the world converted to metric decades ago (yes even Canada)
  4. Nothing intuitive about it - see this is why the US has an imperial presidency Feet/Inches are simple enough but that Fahrenheit is near impossible to translate quickly
  5. Sen comes into the library and removes all imperial measurements and replaces them with the much more sensible and easier to understand metric measurements. Yes, even Fahrenheit becomes Celsius. told me to do it.
  6. Me neither Never have I received the rainbow dyed toilet paper as a gag gift (and known what to do with it)
  7. Only because it is the solution to many of our social ills
  8. Jumping back a bit https://nyti.ms/2tvqctV Yonkers, Jersey City, NYC For this Aussie
  9. On the topic of brown prettifying themselves I must say a brown most definitely would given the singular condition of 'it is necessary'.
  10. What's new? You are. So hey, let's be friends
  11. Hi stranger. Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things in this thread...
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