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  1. X-Files (10th season)

    I loved the one with the younger version of themselves.
  2. An audio book is not reading. Yes, the writing is child like after Jordan. Thankfully I read it first. I refuse to read Martin - common vernacular cursing does not belong in sword or sorcery - it takes you out of the imaginary realm. Also the first book and first season of GoT from a cursory flip through the pages of the first book are identical. (Also since about the end of S3/start of S4 it sucks - no episodes ending on an interesting high point - the thing that made the show great)
  3. Fears of stumbling world economy

    Well, no. If you do not have a cnduiv mnetary policy then consumer demand is pointless as they would not have the money to buy. Monetary policy attempts to have slightly moe currency then the NGP renders. That permits conumer demand to to effectuate growth. Monetary policy is mostly setting interest rates. The terminology of monetary and fiscal policy is ridiculous as they are both money-tary policy. Consumer demand is generated by income less savings - not all money is loaned. Just like businesses only hire when they cannot keep up with demand, not when profits are high, these of course are not mutually exclusive. There's effectively a ZIRP all around the world and the world economy is crashing as 99% of people aren't spending (and probably can't save either) - due to existing debts, lack of jobs and lower incomes. Monetary policy cannot affect this other than by telling people to get into more debt. People on average would like a surplus of private savings.
  4. Bernie Sanders

    All satisfactory answers. Thank you for your time on this.
  5. Bernie Sanders doesn't mention it, but I'm almost positive Sanders voted in favor of these tougher crime laws in the 90s, and it's coming back to bite his, and other democrat's asses. This is about Bernie Sanders, not the Democrats as a whole. So as you state there is no evidence for that point of view with Sanders. Say for a moment you are correct - what people aren't allowed to change their minds over decades? If they're not, why? If this is fine, what's the problem? Do you think this says more about those behind BLM than it does Bernie Sanders or not? What makes him the natural ally of minorities? Fair enough
  6. Bernie Sanders

    He like many democrats voted for things that are coming back to bite themselves in the ass. (same for republicans, only less so.) Do you have any examples? I have heard of this happening once. Do you think this says more about those behind BLM than it does Bernie Sanders or not? What makes him the natural ally of minorities?
  7. Bernie Sanders

    And are you aware of Sanders standing with minorities?
  8. Bernie Sanders

    Could you explain what that demographic advantage is please?
  9. Bernie Sanders

    Can you elaborate?
  10. Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders, a presidential candidate, a self described democratic socialist. He doesn't get a lot of mainstream press so I thought I'd open up the floor here for those that are closer to the boots on the ground action to present their view.
  11. TR and FDR

    In most nations actually as nearly all conservative parties around the world created fusion parties and fused with classical liberals & libertarians. I have a personal opinion here but that is not what this thread is about. People in general don't understand economics, usually because we're fed lies, I like to think I have a reasonable operational understanding so I can comment on that. As for foreign policy, its simple do we go to war, do we place sanctions, how do we get better stuff for us to use that we don't produce - in many respects that is economics. Except for the US intervention in WWII - I can't say I think much of US foreign policy. Its usually wrong.
  12. TR and FDR

    FDR is the best President the US has had, basically for the reasons you give. You're absolutely correct that 37 was a mistake for the reason you also state. Reagan, however, is probably the best Conservative President as he essentially did the same thing FDR did but for the Conservative side of politics. Simply put, it comes down to budgetary matters & well-targeted deficits fund themselves - as both these Presidents seemed to know. Its is fairly well known Reagan's information came from Art Laffer. I don't know whom advised FDR but I'm guessing Beardsley Ruml I can't speak to their tyranny & racism without some research not being a US citizen but that said no matter where you are in the world, today there tends to be more tyranny under conservatives. Classical liberals and libertarians may disagree.
  13. What a hell of a match!

    Australia vs New Zealand & New Zealand is expected to win. Good thing Rugby Union is only fat Rugby League players running around throwing forward passes and not getting penalised for it.
  14. What a hell of a match!

    Yeah I know - blame ImageShack for going paid
  15. What a hell of a match!

    Only because I'm recently back from SA - South Australia that is :P