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Welcome to the madhouse, Nikon!


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Great that you decided to sign up for this wonderful group. I´m sure you will feel like home right away. Well, if you by home mean a crazy place that is full of mad people. :)


You will soon be added to our secrete boards. Until then, feel free to post on the main board and tell us a bit about yourself.

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Another new Member! What a wonderful day :smile:


Don't forget to sign into roll call and keep your eyes peeled for those elusive secret Boards. Once they pop up you can go join in the Saidin Class and start working towards a Black Coat of your very own :)


So, what made you stop by our Tainty Tower and decide to call it Home?

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*grabs another brownie*  So many new members!  I'm going to need to go on a diet! 


Yeah right.  :laugh:


Welcome Nikon!  I'm Tress, the leader of the Light Faction here in the Black Tower.  Kick around the boards here and join in the madness, and feel free to ask any questions that occur to you.


Well, anything except about where the body is buried.  I won't tell you that.  Even though there's no evidence that ties me to it anyway.


What?  What did I say?  GET OUT OF MY HEAD LEWS THERIN!

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Is that like the 300?




less blood, less persians, more running


Welcome. No brownies from me...


dont't like chocolate that much...

*glances around, then braces for the storm*


well I just saw someone say they didn't like nutella so I can't be surprised anymore

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