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What's the Point??


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So... The BT seems to be for trolls and spammers.

What are the other Social Groups for?

I have a few assumptions, but we all know what they say about that.

Many members here are members of multiple social groups, so I'm asking you.

Why are you members of those/this SG, and what do those SG's mean?

(I hope everyone understands what I mean.)

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We are not trolls! 


I think you should go and visit them.  I think most of the groups have some sort of information thread. The first group I joined was the Aiel SG. It´s like a little family, I love that group but I rarely have the time to be there. :( I´m also a member of Shayol Ghul, which is the place for the evil and thick skinned people. 

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I'm a member of the Band, and they have games and were about music, travelling etc. Also a member of the White tower, they don't really have a theme per se, but can be a lot of fun. It was the first place I joined. I used to be a member of the Wolfkin and SG, but not anymore, I just don't get time, so have to keep it to just the three now, though the Bt takes up most of my time and seems to be so active all the time, which is great. 


And I agree with Tina...we are not Trolls!!!

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We are totally trolls, and you know it. I have been lurking around some of the other groups,

but nothing tells you as much as hearing another person talking about it (for me, anyway).

It, to me, is the difference between reading about a place, and then talking to someone who's

been there. Also, I don't get the same impression when I'm 'eavesdropping' as when Im part of the


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You can always drop in on the other places and see how you get on, you don't have to join them. If you like it then stay, if not move on to somewhere else. 


What I find at the moment is that the BT seems busy, and it's not just the spamming, it's the games and fun things that go on here. The White Tower (or the Red Ajah at least) is very slow, as is the Band right now, so I pop in there but most of my time is here! I don't think you can tell if you like a place here unless you go and visit it, helps if you know people though.

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No, real trolls are not welcome anywhere on DM. But we have a lot of other creaturs - panda, monkey, dinosaur... :)



The Aiel SG is about learning about different cultures and that is why I joined there first. You can become a warrior or a wise one. I´m a Far Dares Mai of the Taardad clan. 

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im in the band with Talya.  the theme is music and travelling. there are 3 regiments  Archers Cavalry (the best) and Infantry.
You get to roleplay a little   like i have a horse who drinks the Bands drinks and is just generally a psychopath to everybody especially me! I can involve him in threads and Im a Knight so stuff like that. we are a bit light on numbers atm so new blood is always welcome!



Im also in the Wolfkin  their theme is nature and  you guessed it wolves. They have both a chilli and a TQ lake (tequila) pups and full wolfbros/sis's. Ive been a bad wolfie and havent been active there for a while

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I think I joined SG at some point and then was never really active. The BT is just too hectic.


We are not trolls because we do not aim to hurt people with our fun and games. We will poke, set on fire, blow up, Balefire, and generally annoy the hell out of one another, but its all the in the name of good fun and everyone involved knows it.

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If you wanna get to know the places better I suggest you just start a thread on their board and get to talk to them/us :) 


I'm a member of a lot of SGs but only really active in maybe four or five .... <.< Anyways, the WK is my favorite cuz it's like one big family and fun and spammy at the same time. The WT is great too.

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Posting in the various SGs is probably the best way to get a feel for them.


I'm only in one other group here on DM, which is the WT. The WT is a little more calm at time.


The Wolfy's seem to be very friendly and fun.


SG seems to have a very dark sense of humour - but it's done in good fun I think.


I've never really thought about the Band. They have a very humourously named Bar though that I see pop up every now and then.


I did think about the Kin once, but they were very very inactive when I first joined and I don't have time for any other groups now.


I had a great time in the Aiel. I owe them big time for making me feel so welcome when I was thinking about leaving DM shortly after joining.


I guess I could flip this and ask, Tsuki - what do you think of the various SGs so far. Do you really think the BT is just spammy Trolls, or were you just Trolling us lol.


And two discussion Threads in such a short time. What is going on lol?

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Ithi, not all trolls are hateful, spiteful people. I troll with the best of them, and I think ALOT of the people here (DM),

and the BT especially, would say the same thing. That does NOT mean I'm a bully, in any way, shape, or form.

(Though I once DID keep a telemarketer on the phone for 45 minutes... I was bored.)


I reject your flip, and substitute a half-assed answer: Seems to me that the other SG's call towards different personality

traits. I asked here, because it would tell me those people who feel passionate about the people they associate with. Of

course, no proponents of Shayol Ghul have made their voice's heard, yet :).

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About trolling - it depends on how you see it. A form of trolling can be to jump into a thread and start to talk about things not on topic. Maybe continue to go on about even though others tell you to stop. That behaviour is often part of our BT spam where randomness is celebrated as an art form. :D So I wouldn´t call it trolling in one of our spam threads. But if someone did it in a serious discussion (like our Mental illness discussion) then I would give a warning right away.

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Stiff upper lip and all that..


A troll to me is someone, who diliberately disrupts the thread with intent to cause problems, so I don't think anyone here does that, but that's my interpretation of it.


We all know the English have no heart, got called an ice Maiden once, or maybe it was twice...

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