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Are You Evil?


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So, the other two faction leaders and I had a discussion (aka someone ended up dead and the other two had dirty times) about whether or not you Fuls are really evil.  Seems to me like some of you show up for the Mafia, or trying to grovel to the Nae'blis, and don't really want to be evil.


Do you all understand where you are?  This is Shayol Ghul.  If you don't get what you want, you don't grovel.  You kill them for it.



Someone didn't give me points?  I gutted them and force fed them their insides, and showed them how they would forever want to please me in the future.  Leelou sends an army of trollocs after you to rip apart and eat you while you are still alive.  Moon would use the OP to keep you still and silent, then torture you until you WISHED the Dark Mistress would save you.




So, are you evil?  Because, I don't think some of you Fuls are.  So come on, kids.  Step right up.  Let's see who is evil, and who needs to crawl back to the Creator.


FYI - I'm not evil, I'm a whiny spoiled brat.

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See this bird?


I caught him on the flight deck one morning before the day's launches started to kick off. He was hopping around aimlessly, generally doing bird things. I was actually very surprised I had managed to catch him. It's a fairly common thing for birds to be on the ship whenever we leave a port because they're dumb enough to stay aboard after we leave.




Shortly after this picture was taken, I snapped Tweety's neck and then let him fall to his watery grave over the side of the ship. Birds destroy motors when they get sucked down in-takes.

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