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  2. visions@breeches.com Valan Luca
  3. Lol town. Still, I can't talk! Thanks Leelou!
  4. Are you saying I should have known Salami was town? Did you really just say that? Scumhunting doesn't get much easier that that, folks. Only scum know who town is. String him up. No, you're putting words in my mouth. Scummy. RTE, I can see that you're enjoying being the big crusader here. Since you ask, I now think that Luciena is newb town. And I was not suspicious of Ishy and Verbal on day one, just expressing my meta on them. I said that before. And for god's sake, of course I thought Salami might have been town. It was day one so there are no definites, and he was engaged in a personal scrap with Goldy. Scumhunting goes out the window when people tunnel. I didn't think we would have a better lynch that day. So, you didn't answer my question about Davrick. My other big niggle is that Goldy has twice attempted to justify (only once in response to slight prodding by me) being on the Salami lynch by talking about how anti-town Salami was, etc. Town don't tend to do that.
  5. I am voting him for active lurking and for nonsense such as that which I quoted, as I explained in reply to you above. It is an example of the shoddy play that you also noted. I don't know how much clearer I can be. Have you come across the term active lurking before?
  6. I also don't get why you don't like my Dav case. I said active lurking and general nonsense, you said 'shoddy posting and lack of effort'. Seems like generally the same thing. I'm not sure how else you would want me to prove my point of active lurking, and the quotes support my claim of nonsense quite nicely, because Luci and Salami weren't engaged in a thing... So basically, you want to say that Dav is scummy but you don't want to vote for him. Is that correct?
  7. RTE: What criticisms would you like me to address? I think I explained my reasoning enough to counter Nyn's claim of being lazy, and all darthe said was that I was unexpectedly docile or something? Also, what Dav train are you referring to?
  8. Okay Hallia, after rereading your post I can see what you mean. Ishy did flip from saying that Salami was town to saying that he was scummy. It was early in the game though and it's reasonable to expect facetious play then. Luciena, you seem to have a bit of a relationship with Ishy outside of this mafia game. Just be warned that if he is mafia and you are town, he will not hesitate to be ruthless. On the other hand, he was also the first player to spring to your defense when you got some pressure on day one, so I still consider it possible that you are on a team together. Either way, the link that you two have is an interesting one. I'll address Verbal's vote for me. He seemed to object to me saying that I was cautious of him and Ishy in general. That's a meta thing, not a game thing, and I have no idea why it's worth a vote. He also apparently objects to me expressing surprise at his own vote for Salami. Just to recap, this is his vote for Salami, resting on an obviously flimsy case from Goldeneyes: In any case, now we have both Verbal and Ishy on record as voting for a townie's lynch. I predict that at least one of them is scum, since both should know better. My best bet right now is Davrick for his active lurking and general nonsense, for example: Finally, a question for Goldeneyes: what do you think, in hindsight, about Salami? Vote: Davrick
  9. So Hallia, what do you consider to be a flop?
  10. That's utter bollocks. I haven't tried to run up any newbies.
  11. I forgot how angry people get in mafia. Sheesh. >.> Well, anyway. Obviously Luci isn't the lynch for today. The Goldeneyes vs Salami thing is probably a bit of a non-event, though, and it feels like town vs town to me. Seriously, you're not going to catch scum by arguing about the definition of 'noob' and whether or not it's an insult. But then again, day one is always a bit of a shot in the dark no matter how much people argue (catastrophic errors by the scum team notwithstanding) and I'm okay with letting this lynch happen. I did laugh at the 'I seldom lie in mafia games' line. Heh. The two people I'm most cautious about (on general principle) are Verb and Ishy. Goldeneyes' case on Salami is not strong and I was surprised that Verbal agreed with it so quickly. Ishy is the most inscrutable player I know and is good both as scum and town. He wants Salami lynched and on Day One I can go along with that. If he's scum, the only way I think to catch him short of a cop viewing is to compare his votes against the alignments of people who flip. We will see. So, unvote, vote: Salami. L-1. Claim time!
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