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  1. I swear to uphold the honour and integrity of the White Tower Community and kick the ass of anyone who doesn’t. Tai’shar White Tower! I swear to respect all members of the WT Community, despite any differences we might have in background or opinion. As Warders are brothers in battle, this Org is my online family and I will treat them as such. Tai’shar Gaidin! From this day forward, I am a true member of my Discipline and I swear to uphold the ideals of my Discipline and the White Tower and Warders, even if life takes me away from the Community. Tai'shar Ren'Shai!
  2. Interesting thread. I don't know why people care so deeply, but then it's no secret that I don't understand the WoT discussion boards. This bit made me laugh:
  3. Thank you sir! I can do this. Check out them mad skills. *makes it to the bar in record time*
  4. The cosmicpanda was a bit nervous and unsure of what to do. It had been a long time since he was last part of a ceremony at the WT. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time he had been part of a ceremony at the WT. He listened to Rekinu's speech, and went through all of the attributes of the Ren'Shai one more time, to make sure that he measured up. Strength? Well, sure, he thought to himself. Cosmicpandas are well-known for their strength. They're basically spaceships in panda form, after all. Agility? Again, no problem there. Cosmicpandas can duck and weave with the best of them, especially if they're trying to get to a bar. And with all rockets going at full power, a cosmicpanda is pretty darn fast as well. Endurance? That's an easy one. Cosmicpandas have exoskeletons. It means you don't have to worry too much about being hit by any swords - or, if you take a wrong turn on the way home from the Blade's End one night and accidentally wander through Shayol Ghul, you don't have to worry about any stab wounds. Balance? Oh, yes. I like balancing things, he thought. That's fun. He imagined all of the piles of trollocs that he would make at the Last Battle. You have to balance them perfectly, or you don't get very much height. Grace? That's basically elegance, right, but in an artistic way?I could make elegant piles of trollocs. I don't think anybody's done that before. Tactical Prowess? I definitely have that, he thought. It's the only way to get those cookies from the Grays before they notice. Mental swiftness? He decided to skip this category. The cosmicpanda stepped forward. He was quite looking forward to seeing how death could be used as a catalyst to overcome personal limits, and those swords looked enticingly shiny. That's okay, right? he thought guiltily. I hope that nobody would judge me for admiring the shininess of a sword. And he had a duty to protect and serve. "I wish to become one of the Ren'Shai. I have what it takes to become a living weapon, and possess the courage, fortitude and strength of will that is necessary to do so. I accept that death will ride the edge of my blade, and will look forward to meeting him on the battlefield." I hope he turns out to be like the Death in Terry Pratchett's books, he thought. He seems like a good guy.
  5. Oh, yeah. The 'donkey in the room' title comes because Bela uses Wizard of Oz-like equipment to help get the right affekt and gravitas. If somebody mentions it, she says 'pay no attention to that donkey in the room!'
  6. I'm not a fan of this kind of interpretation, since one can't really disagree with it. Everything can be explained as being a metaphor or something like that; even when the book doesn't say anything on the subject, it can become an 'unspoken metaphor' or a 'delusion'. That said, seeing the wizard world as a kind of delusion and a way for an abused Harry Potter to escape the grim reality of life is quite compelling in some ways, and a bit depressing. You shouldn't forget that Harry is a teenager, and therefore will have emotional swings and such as a normal part of growing up. A teenager being angry doesn't mean he's insane. The Lumos quote does clearly demonstrate Rowling's concern for abused children, but she does quite explicitly deal with the subject of child abuse in the novels as it is, and so the quote doesn't necessarily support your theory. If she had intended the novels to be interpreted as you suggest, she could have been more overt about it. (As for some of your points I can disagree with: Sirius Black wasn't insane, and nor was Luna. She was just odd. Cedric wasn't killed in the maze, but in the Little Hangleton graveyard; I'm not sure that the main danger of the maze was psychological possession, anyway.)
  7. You missed my point, I'm afraid. The way the oaths work, it doesn't seem to be judged by the recipient, but rather by the Aes Sedai herself. So, it doesn't matter if the recipient of her instruction interprets what the Aes Sedai says as true or not. The only thing that matters is whether or not the Aes Sedai thinks that she is speaking the truth. Thus, while using the Mirror of Mists, as long as she allows the person to believe that she is who she pretends to be, and she does not say "I am this person", then she is not (to the contrary of what you said) lying. I think the thing about switches of air and weapons are similar. If in the Aes Sedai's head she doesn't think she's injuring (but merely correcting or instructing - it's good for children and recalcitrant peasants to be beaten!) whoever she's switching, there's no problem.
  8. Not necessarily. Potential example: Aes Sedai disguises herself using MOM as an important Lord/Lady and gives someone instruction. She is pretending to be said Lord/Lady and ergo lying, even if the instruction itself is not a 'lie' per say, but simply a request or command - as the recipient of her instruction will interpret it as having come from the Lady, which is, of course, not the case, it is a falsehood. So how do you reconcile that with the fact that Aes Sedai disguise themselves without the Mirror of Mists? They go by different names, etc, and thus clearly deceive those who visit them. Yet this doesn't break the oaths.
  9. I quite like the inclusion of Fain in the books. If the premise of the Wheel of Time is that what happens, will happen again, then it follows that the Dragon must be able to seal the bore every time it is necessary. This would be predictable. If Fain is unique to this age, he is a spanner in the works, and thus raises the possibility that the Dark One may win. Thus there is some suspense and perhaps even some surprises to come.
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