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Classic TV. The shows that helped define you.

James Andrew Powell

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I can hazerd the guess that we all have those shows. That Saturday morning cartoon that made you religiously wake up at 7am to watch every week for years. The prime time series where you had to catch every episode.


You know the ones. The ones you consider timeless classics the helped mold your prefrences for years to come.


I remember mine. As a child it was Masters of the Universe, I watched almost every episode I could catch for so many years. And it created the bias I have today for most of the cartoons that came out afterward. As a teen it was Stargate SG-1. It influenced my tastes in Science Fiction for years to come.


I would like to know some other folks classic favs. Those shows that stuck in your heart so tightly that you bought the entire series boxed set as soon as you found out it existed.

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Transformers (Original Cartoon)

Batman the animated series.


Star Trek -Original, TNG, DS9, Voyager.

Stargate (Movie and Series)

Ghost Busters (both movies and series)


Duck Tales


Ren & Stimpy


Married With Children (Awesome)


Can't think of any others.

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Pretty much anything on the History Channel


Yeah I watched my share of Pokemon and Digimon and DBZ and even actual classics like I Dream of Jeannie and Gilligan's Island (a three hour tour, a three hour tour) but my first love has always been history and science documentaries

I've been watching them since I was a young kid and I've never stopped

Right now I even have about 20 docs saved to my laptop that I like to watch when I go to bed

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assassinations captured in living color... or black and white on my tv? a whole generation of violent death? rriots, race riots and blackouts and watts and burning fear... do we remember these things?


i remember them well.


sleeping all together in the basement with riots and flames and looters roaming... having big dogs to try to guard us... all on TV...and in the streets, in my yard, sometimes in my house. . the revolution was televised.


and it resulted in this world.


i;m so very sorry for you all who knew nothing else before it.


it was a better place. seemed so anyway,

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Thats the one actually!


I've updated my list a bit.


can we get a land of the lost?

which one? I seem to recal one that hit the 90s with people, dinosaurs.. a big tree-house...



dark shadows?

I got to watch like 30 seasons of that with my mother due to re-runs.



watergate hearings?

srsly, watergate hearings... very .... really affected everything, the whole rest of my life.

The clinton hearings? Or the Nixen impeachment one? Cause if its the nixen.. Man, your like.. Ancient. :tongue:


Seriously though, I still recall OKC on tv and King, OJ, and the MJ cases.

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you will be old very soon, my dear, much sooner than you think.


and i will still be here to laugh at your sorry butt.


Sure, but at least you'll be able to retire on social security and I won't!

Wait.. That helped my arguement how?

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Star Trek TNG through DS9.




We always watched DR. Quinn Medicine Woman as a Family.



I was addicted to the original Power Rangers.


Dexter's Laboratory


Loony Toons

Pinky and the Brain

Courage the cowardly dog.

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