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Anyone think the Chosen/Foresaken miss toilet paper?

mike hunt's here

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I wonder why they didn't use OP for peace and love. Not many people could but everyone should be using their talents for peace and love. I think that was why Age of Legends was so advanced. They all used their talents for peace and love. They knew peace and love were important for humans. Peace and love are so important yet they go ignored in most people's eyes. I wish more people accepted them into their lives.


*sings and picks a flower*

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they are always moaning about wine vintages and crude other stuff, but if was ripped out of this world and dropped off there...i would seriously be looking for something to use as toilet paper.


and running water.


We've never actually seen anyone speak of toilets and about how they do the things there. Do they have toilet paper? I hope we'll find it out in AMOL.

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