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  1. If this was covered in another post, please forgive me and enlighten at the same time. Anyway - I dont remember which one its was - aginor, or someone "made" the trollocs and the fades? But since they got locked up or killed...who is creating more? And I'm guessing they dont breed otherwise some Aiel would have done a strikeforce to destroy the breeding grounds. Don't be too serious in any reply...
  2. Personally - i think there were just too many storylines that needed to be wrapped up or addressed in some way or another and Gawyn and to lesser degree Galad, got the shaft.
  3. I've been away from this board for awhile and now i recall i asked the same balefire question about LTT in EoTW. back then balefire wasnt introduced to us in that book, but the description of the white light coming from heaven or whatever it was...is so balefire like...oh well. I dont mind being corrected.
  4. I didnt read the whole thread, but looking at the results - I can't believe no one picked Osan'gar!!! Sure she/he is evil, but she did some nice girl on girl action... oh wait...this is the wife thread? maybe not.
  5. Personally...I thought Slayer was fairly badass, not just some merc.
  6. I'm one of those disappointed with amol as much as I was with the True Detective finale...but anyways its been a while since i trolled this board and I just finished reading "red country" by joe abercrombie. My point is - I would love to see a "red country" type story with Rand or even Mat as the ninefingers character. spoilers if you havent read red country (haha) I think it would be cool to read about a 50 or 60 year old Mat or Rand forced back into the "life" due to no fault of theirs...like logan/lamb. ok.
  7. Haven't been here for a while...disappointed with amol as much as i was with the true detective finale...haha. anyways...didnt lews therin balefire himself (soft of?)
  8. although this is not the place to complain about it - yes this bracket is lame...how can it be taken seriously with: 1. no drizzt 2. 2 battlestar characters but no manga? 3. samus? but no mega man? 4. what about lara croft? 5. dresden loses to gandalf...not sure anyone who reads dresden would buy that. 6. 7 of 9, but no picard? 7. how do you have leia and han solo, but no luke? 8. 4 LOTR characters...and no drizzt? 9. no sparhawk? 10. no pug? but 5 game of thrones people? without Jon Snow? 11. no king arthur 12. john taylor?
  9. Yukuri knew the area inside tent. I would think Siuan would have a problem with Yukiri being familiar with the insides of Gareth Byrne's tent...
  10. I must be missing something somewhere. Maybe i left it in a gateway... 1. Isnt one of the requirements that the maker of the gateway needs to know the terrain of the current place, as well as the new location? Thats why they "skim" to places they never been, then open a gateway after a few hours of recon. This was mentioned in a few books that i know...most recently by Verin when she gives mat his letter. Of course maybe you will tell me she is BA so she was lying, but I am sure Eg and the Salidar people said that fact...as well as someone saying the Ashaman needed to learn the place before making a gateway...I think that was in WH with Perrin. 2. Saying that - how do they make gateways 10000 feet in the air? In the middle of battlefields? You cant tell me Yukiri just happened to know that battlefield, so shes also familiar with the terrain 10000 feet in the air? 3. Androl - ok so he has this magical Talent to make gateways. I can cope with that. Otherwise about opening a gateway in the middle of someones body is impossible since you need to know the "terrain." Semi or Grend opened a gateway and sliced one of their pets in half...or maybe it was Samm or Moridin. but that was just because the Gateway was opening "there" not on the person. Does anyone have issues with my logic, or some obscure quote that proves me ignorant?
  11. I'm too lazy to look it up - but I dont recall any part of the book giving a really detailed description of Androl's appearance. What did he look like?
  12. Is it going to be a "short story" or a novella? I'm wondering how many words will do Big D justice in giving him fair airtime to explain who exactly is Bao and how he became crazy meth head. (my own words.) Ideally I would like to see D start his integration into the Sharan society and up to the big gateway part at dasher knob, not just a snippet of time of his rule as Bao. Im thinking at least two or three WoT type chapters.
  13. i was wondering this myself. Did anything significant happen with Narishma pulling callandor out after Rand had replaced it in the Stone? i will probably get reamed by all the old timers but you think callandor at the DO's hidey hole is the "dark" and Moridin taking it from Rand is the actual prophecy? By "dark" I'm guessing you meant to write "heart." I like that idea...perhaps there's something to it. On the other hand, when you look at how RJ named characters, if they were adapted from major figures of legend (e.g. Egwene al'Vere = Guinevere, and so on), you can expect them to be very important characters. Google the name "Narasimha" and tell me Narishma was not intended to be a major player in the world. BS himself was always upfront about how nobody could have done the job RJ would have done. I am grateful to BS for finishing the series, and think he was the best person available for the job, but I am convinced that we missed out on many Narishma "moments of awesome" that will never be told. Instead, we got Androl... Haha... Look up Moridin online at the urban dictionary (a truly valid source of information) 1.A 'Moridin' is often refered to a nerdy Canadian. A Moridin usually lives in Alberta and drinks out of a milk-bag.
  14. i was wondering this myself. Did anything significant happen with Narishma pulling callandor out after Rand had replaced it in the Stone? i will probably get reamed by all the old timers but you think callandor at the DO's hidey hole is the "dark" and Moridin taking it from Rand is the actual prophecy?
  15. My favorite is actually Tam al'Thor: 1. consistent 2. blademaster at an advance age 3. humble 4. called out Cadsuane as a bully 5. lit his son's funeral pyre. now if i can add my favorite characters of all time: 1. tehol beddict (malazan) 2. bloody nine (first law) 3. arlen (warded man) 4. sparrowhawk (earthsea) 5. will stanton (dark is rising series) 6. thomas raith (dresden books) 7. erik von darkmoor (old man version) 8. lobo and hitman (dc comics)
  16. I'm going to out on a limb here and say what made WoT a success was the story and how basically the first 6 maybe 7 books always had a cliffhanger or "more to come." some plotlines got too blurry and convoluted, but for the most part, when i was done with book 2, i needed to know what happens in book 3. Maybe i kept waiting for Rand to win? It was around book 6 or 7 i figured out that this series would take forever and would need 30 or so more books to finish it. I also think what fueled the fire was the internet. Fans flocking to say what they feel about the story and give their own takes on the outcomes, made us want to know what REALLY would happen. If the internet was around when Tolkien wrote LOR, maybe that series would have gone 15 books...haha, just kidding. What I would really love - is if these characters could be treated like the Mazalans (sp?) and branch off in different backstories, but we already know all we need to know about their past, we just want to know their futures...
  17. Couple things - I hope the proceeds from the book go towards the guy's cancer hospital bills, not cancer research. If he is a writer, he probably has jack insurance and hospitals will suck him drier than apparently TOR sucked Mat's Spare Hat away. So if i was inclined to support - i rather donate to the patient, rather that the Cancer Society...those of you who have ever had an extended stay in a hospital know what I mean about bills. Sometimes hospitals dont even fix you and you get a bill. At least Auto Mechanics fix your car. If they see it wont drive again, they tell you it straight up, not dick around with thousands of dollars of testing before they say "oh well, sorry, nothing we can do, live with it...heres the bill." Back on topic: Based on what i read and how Demandred appeared in aMoL, compared to LoC...i'm inclined to think he will be more like the aMoL version. LoC version - disciplined, semi quiet, meticulous. (just my impression, no solid evidence other than the hundred words about him in the prologue.) aMoL version - wild ass crazy eyed on meth, shouting at the world. Why would i want to read that? Because I'm a WoT junkie? I suppose.
  18. Should be interesting considering how his scenes played out in AMOL. Great...not sure if this is a spoiler or not, but I'm not buying the book if its Big D's POV.
  19. didnt the trollocs attack in ToM? I get confused after reading the prologue 6 months before the book...haha.
  20. i think the Ways disappeared because basically they were not mentioned at all in aMoL.
  21. What does Rand need gold for? His new superpowers should do the trick. If not - he looks like Moridin and can tell DFs to serve him while the Great Lord rests for a comeback.
  22. that would be too easy to just zap Gawyn there after his fight with Demandred. I would think its once of those plot things that are not meant for us regular people to ask about. KInda like why doesn't anyone recognize Clark Kent is just Superman with glasses.
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