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Today's Happy Place. Where is yours?


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Heya Kin, just saw this thread and wanted to share mine too :laugh: Hope I'm not intruding >.>


Horseback :D ...today I rode all around my round pen on my young horsie boy, only the second time ever bareback!! I feel so proud and happe :rolleyes:

And later, my preggers clydie mare cuddled her head into my arms and stayed there for a long while, when suddenly there was this shock - I looked at her but she was standing perfectly still, but when I looked back, her belly was wobbling and jiggling from side to side!!! First time I saw that :D It's not long off!!!!!


*runs back out of teh wunnerful Kinny place SQUEEEEEEing* :laugh:

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Mine for today was my baby's arms this afternoon. I've had a horribly rough day for a lot of reasons that seem to have come from nowhere all at once. I was glad to walk to my car this afternoon and seeing my Peanut running across the playground, her grin stretched across her face, yelling "mama!" and throwing her arms around me...


I really needed that today.


Following it up with Tadpole's grin and hug... that is my favorite place to be today.

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Today's happy place is right here on the couch, where it's finally quiet. Tadpole's had a fever for the last few days so I haven't left the house since Friday night. *sighs* So, it's work tomorrow.

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