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Enter at your own risk, for here the Shadow waits.

John Snow

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*Enters and looks around at all the Shadows and then goes and finds a quiet corner to sit and watch*


Now the Shadow waits :wink:


:blink::dry: *resists the urge to make the earth crush Blackhoof against the ceiling* :mellow:


*continues screaming instead*




Please don't resist on my account :laugh: Now, I don't suppose anyone feels like fetching me a nice cup of tea?

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OK Cyan, I won't give the game away shhhhhhhhh


Bah! Who let that pale blue Lightie type person in lol.


*takes cup from Hoof and places it on the table in front of her*


Excellent Hoofdor :smile:


Now, let me pour you a cup of tea too.


*Places the identical cup in front of him and smiles*


Wait! What in the world is THAT!?


*points and then spins the table around really, really fast a few times, whilst he is looking away, so he doesn't know which cup of tea is which*


TIFOM :wink:

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Alright, I'm still working up a suprise for you guys, so in the meantime....umm, chitchat/spam I guess.

But let's keep it orderly. Hmm. How about bacon? *nods* yep, discuss/spam about bacon. (I can smell some cooking right now and it's the first thing I thought of, sorry if it makes you hungry).


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