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  1. I actually really want to find out what a 9-horse hitch is now..... dont make me google it lol
  2. meh, im happy with those responses
  3. what does the reader gain from a detailed description of a fight scene? by your logic, surely the last few chapters of Fires of Heaven could have been consolidated into this: "Rand fought Rahvin and killed him"
  4. this idea intrigues me. imagine you are fihting someone. they come at you, drawing back for a thrust... and you open a gateway that leads directly behind them right in front of them as they do it. they stab through the gateway and impale themselves! priceless! of course, if your a channeler simply decapitating them with air would suffice... and be simpler. if you are fighitng another channeler, they could conceivably stop you before you open the gateway, severing the weave or shielding you or some-such.
  5. fair enough, but Rand WAS being insufferably arrogant at the time, and likely believed that he would be able to raise a shield in time.
  6. using the power as a shield is hardly new or innovative, and Rand didnt have the time to raise a shield, what with the complete shock of seeing semirhage shooting a fireball at him and all
  7. europe seems too thin to be randland. randland is very fat. it is likely randland USED to be europe, and part of asia, but the Breaking reformed eveyhting and changed the landscape immeasurably. if you look at the world map in the BWB you can see roughly what i mean.
  8. besides, didn't she do it by accident or something? like she spontaneously discovered balefire but only used a 'fingers-width' of it?
  9. i really doubt there was a massive machine that you pushed a human and a pig into, press a button and hey presto, a trolloc pops out.... gene-splicing was mentioned in the big white book i think, which is science
  10. I wouldnt want to be Osan'gar at the moment. I certainly wouldnt bring him back if i were the DO either. Let him suffer for dying to ONE OF HIS OWN GUYS.
  11. true, i nthis series there isnt really a sense that the bad guys CAN win. we all now they wont, but at least we need the suspense of thinking that they WILL win. how can the Light lose? even if millions of trollocs came south, the combined armies and hordes of channelers the Light has will beat them fairly easily, and the forsaken are simply outnumbered 500-to-1 by the Light channelers. how can the shadow win? the empire was about to destroy the rebellion, Sauron was about to kill the remaining Free Peoples, all bad guys are about to win when they get spanked. it is suspenseful, but t
  12. Victor tried to keep a suitably grim face as the prisoner was brought out, clad in chains and scanning the crowd, as if looking for help. Oh, help would come, alright. It would come and fall straight into Victor's hands. As the one-time thief was brought up to the chopping block, Victor finally broke into a smile and said, "Lets hope your friends are as loyal as I think they are." But the prisoner ignored him. Suddenly, as the prisoner was about to be beheaded, the vile thief broke free and tackled the executioner. Stealing concealed knives, the thief began attacking nearby Guards
  13. i dont RP so much anymore, but i used to do it alot. Check out a few of the threads below this one and i likely will have been a big part of it.
  14. the problem is that tinkers are inherently non-violent, and very passive. therefore only RPers who enjoy writing about non-violent and passive pursuits join in, and those are few in number. i for one am completely unable to write non-violent RP, it is just, for lack of a better word, boring for me.
  15. The heavy ironwork gate screeched open, and two guards entered Eltars prison cell to secure him, clamping heavy steel manacles that were attached to the far wall onto his wrists, leaving his in an awkward half-standing, half-sitting position halfway up the wall. Once the guardsmen had checked the manacles, they nodded to a third guard standing in the doorway, who called out to someone unseen. Within moments, the doorway was filled with the tall and whip-thin form of Victor, the Captain of the Guard. Victor sauntered into the cell, and fixed the prisoner with a smile cold enough to free
  16. someone should get the rand's dragon tattoos curling around their forearms. that would be cool.
  17. lol, i saw an add for a similar tv show and when the priest asked for the rings a guy in a gollum costume appeared. i can only hope the bride is an avid lord of the rings fan
  18. well, women in this series have a universal superiority complex and bitchy attitude, so they will not be slowed by the thought of slapping down another women. the men, on the other hand, are arrogant in their own way, thinking that women need protection and are too weak to be killed with honour. women think no such thing and are therefore unburdened. as to the children, the borderlands are a brutal place, and 14 is adulthood in some cultures, particularly martial ones. besides, when you are fighting trollocs, you need all the soldiers you can get.
  19. frankly i think it ridiculous that the forsaken put up such a poor performance at the Cleansing. they lived during the age of legends, are immensely strong and know more weaves than any three aes sedai put together, and they got SPANKED. it wasnt really even a battle, more of a forsaken-throws-the-odd-weave-here-and-there-and-then-hides-before-being-blasted-by-massive-fireball. they should have waltzed in, realised that this would be easy and stood there ground while relishing the challenge and doing a back-and forth but ultimately even battle with the threesome-circles. but no, instead of
  20. im pretty sure the only weave that only kills shadowspawn is the deathgates. but even then DG's can slice and dice ordianry people.
  21. water-based ones as well. like weaves that freeze the blood in your veins, or just generally freeze you like the one rand did when he attacked Rahvin in Fires of Heavan.
  22. according to the rand's battles aganst the seanchan in illian (forget the book) where the asha'man battled damane, they are fairly equal. the asha'man are more powerful but the damane are more experienced. the aes sedai have literally seen NO fighting n the past thousand years. the trollocs never came down in force, and they could not interfere with man-on-man wars, so they had no chance to fight, other than the occasional sister battling shadowspawn with the borderlands. the aes sedai know only two combat weaves now- fireballs and lightning. when the seanchan launched the raid, they w
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