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still currently in the school term, term three to be exact. ends in three weeks I think, then a short 12 day holiday and back for term four which'll end on the 7th December I think.


and at the end of the fourth term I write the exams whose marks I send off to uni. joy.

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we had trimesters... very strange thing to call a term at school.




Mighta been confusing if that was the case with a school that had a problem with teen pregnancies, like a lot of schools do nowadays


Somewhat Rotund Student: "I'm almost done with my third trimester!"


Awkward Bystander: "So... should I call EMS or throw you a graduation party?"

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I have no idea when the national schools start in this area other than around this time - might be tomorrow. My son is starting school tomorrow, but he is being homeschooled, so yep...


That's awesome!


You should tell him to bring his teacher an apple



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