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MotG Week 3: Guess Who? Game Over - Winner Kaylahn!


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Welcome to Week 3 in the While and Blue Ajah's Month of the Greats!


Ithillian and I will be your mods...Lets play!!!


How to Play:


One of the mods will post a picture clue to a Great person from history.

You will respond in thread with..

"I think this person is ______, because ______."


The Rules:

1) Only one guess at a time. Let other people guess before you guess again.

2) The mods decide when to put up the next clue.

3) There will be four clues for each Great person.

4) There are seven total Greats for this event. When someone gets the answer right we move on to the next one. If the correct answer is given before all the clues are revealed the mods will post the remaining clues for everyone to see.


How to Win:

Earn the most points by the end of the game!

Four points will be awarded for a correct guess on the first clue.

Three points will be awarded for a correct guess ont he second clue.

Two points on the third clue.

One point on the last clue.


The winner will receive a custom siggy from Me!


Kaylahn 9 points

Wildfire 4 point

Boopsy 3 points

Kate 1 point





Here is your first clue...



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Is that what that picture is of? I couldn't figure it out at all. Did anyone ever prove that Black Holes exist? I thought I heard something about them seeing things being affected by severe gravity but there being nothing obviously nearby causing it.


I might be getting confused though ...

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I am pretty sure that is a picture of the inner solar system(and Jupiter).


I think this person is Aristarchus because he identified the sun (as the central fire that Philolaus spoke of in his theory) and put the planets at the correct distance around the sun.


AKA no idea



edited for typing mistakes 3 times

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I think this person is Copernicus because that looks like a portion of the solar system and Copernicus' De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium was the first comprehensive argument for heliocentricity, laying the basis for modern astronomy.

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Frankenstein the astronomer? The first picture does look mostly like the inner solar system, the asteroid belt and Jupiter.That sounds familiar but can't place it. The second is a picture of The creature from one of the Frankenstein films. I have no clue how they relate.


Guess: Leonardo DiVinci. cause he did everything else so why not?

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The person is George Gordon Byron because he gave his guests the challenge of writing ghost stories after looking through a telescope and that is how Frankenstein the novel was dreamed up and the frankenstein moon and all that

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I think this person is Nikola Tesla because he was a sort of "mad" scientist, he was alive during the major period of women's suffrage in the U.S., and uh...he made important advances and discoveries with electricity, and studying electron movement, though not as crucial as on earth, is still important in the physics of astronomical objects (that was a hell of a stretch hahahaha!).

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I think this person was Mary Wollstonecraft because she wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman: with Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects in 1792 and she was "Mary Shelley's" mother and I have no idea what that has to do with the first picture

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Oh my goodness Kay - you are correct!!!


2 points for you.


And this would have been the fourth clue.




I honestly don't know what that first picture is either. Hopefully Rhea will enlighten us both. New game coming up shortly :)

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Grats Kay! And I think that is 2 points since you got it on clue #3.


The first clue is the 90481 Wollstonecraft Main-belt asteroid. Ha!

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