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The Shadow is Generous ....

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* Ithi wipes the layers of dust away and pins a notice in the window of the Dragon Reborn's Office, so that all that pass can see it.*


Wanted: Mindtrap Victim.




Role Specifics: Applicants must be willing to be mindtrapped for the agreed amount of time and undergo the task(s) presented to them in a fully compliant and adoring manner.


Salary: Dependent on Performance, but ranging between 5 and 15 points. A sliding Scale will be used to determine the level, but the proposed Employer is known to be extremely generous when properly motivated.


Please be aware that BT Equal Rights Legislation applies to this role and that both Lighties and Shadowies may apply without fear of discrimination. The Dark Mistress S'ithi promises to treat all interested parties equally, regardless of Rank or Affiliation :darkone:


To apply please post in this Thread, with your DM Name, Current Faction Allignment :wink: and a brief description of why you feel you would be suitable for this role.


*Satisfied that it was easily noticable, she walked away and waited to see if anyone would actually apply. Of course no Lighties would, even though they would likely earn the maximum amount of points. She wasn't really sure they existed anyway ... apart from Kudaran, but he didn't really count as a Lightie anymore lol*

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Lenlo, no faction yet.


Ive always wanted to be mind trapped. What would I ever do with this useless thing in my head other then let others use it for the greater evil. Or good, if you swing that way.

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I THOUGHT about this....Still unsure if I'd actually want to do it....


Oh....why not. Try something new every day and all that.


Meesh, Light Faction, it might be a good learning experience and I'm a quick study. :tongue:

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Eyes the lighties coming out of the woodwork



"thought i had dibs on these..."



Pankhuri...if u wanna learn to follow orders there are easier ways....like becoming ithi's apprentice....hang on i said easier??



looks at the mindtraps drools


I never expected them to turn up lol. And it's perfectly easy to be my Apprentice ... Unless you want it to be hard. I try to be obliging.



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Special skills eh? Well there was that one time... No no no, that doesn't count. I will think on these "special skills" and see what I've got to offer.


And that's alot of lighties.

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This makes me sad for the poor Lighties. Someone should do something for them. Dice ... make a note that something needs to be done about the Lighties. We can discuss it in my Chambers later.


Ok .. You all have done well to have even put your name forward. I will now allow random.org to decide who the choice will fall upon. They will receive instructions via PM.


For the rest of you. I shall give 5 points to whoever manages to bag post 50 in this thread.


It's time to start Spamming :)

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Dice spray paints a message on Pankhuris back "do something about lighties!"




channels a complicated illusion that allows his voice to be taken for ithis



Kudaran, my dear my command is for you to put this hat on





go over to matty and dance the tiganza for him! :myrddraal:

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