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talyas super secret Brownies Recipe


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Ok ive been seeing how popular and effective Talyas Brownies are, so i decided to research the recipe.


I grabbed a pile of brownies to research on, spoke to a forensic scientist friend of mine named Abby and got the details!



They are SHOCKING!!!



there is


Acromantula venom!


Aes Sedai blood!


Sheep Swallop!!


teenaged Mandrake!




Bloody Buttered Onions!


One whole NEWT!


Eggs! Rotten of course!


and maybe we shouldn't even WANT to know what causes it to be Brown!!!


Put in cauldron and heat on low for 2 days while having a insane lightie channel the OP into the mix getting as much taint in as possible!


When congealed pour on to tray and cut into desired size.


Serve Warm

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*shakes her head at dice*...


you really think I would make it that easy for you to forensically worked out what was in it:


and it's only newts legs...dried and crushed! sheesh!


though I love having a thread with my name in it...But then I'm easily pleased... wink.gif



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I ate scones. Plus shadowies are never as Tainted as lighties. We have the Great Lord's protection. I'm more Taintily-Evil.


*Weaves a Delving at the nearest Lightie and stops their heart - watching as they crumple to the floor like a puppet having their strings cut*


See. Perfectly Shadowy enough.



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