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The Hobbit!!!

Lessa Nikia

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Officially pumped for this movie now. Looks great. I was checking the production vlogs and they are shooting it at 48 fps, in 3D, at very high resolution. It's going to look great. So glad Peter Jackson is doing these too.




Edit: If I wasn't supposed to reply here, sorry... I didn't realize this was in a social group, just saw it on the sidebar of the main forum window.

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There were some liberties with the story that were taken with LotR that I didn't agree with but most of them I have been able to forgive. I know it will be stunning to see but hope I don't cringe during the film.


Faramir...enough said. *laughs* Yeah cringing during the film is what i'm fighting with. I will say he did an amazing job on the visuals though. So if nothing else it will be an amazing visual.

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